Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Jackson Pollock Imitation Card

Hi everyone! I decided in between washing bedding because one of my dogs was sick to finish the card I started this weekend. This is my interpretation of Jackson Pollock's art. I used his "Lavender Mist" painting which has no lavender at all for my inspiratio. Although his is mainly black and white with some rose pink I went with more modern colors. Also instead of doing my drips and splatters with house paint I used String Gel by Liquidtex which I colored with acrylic paint. I did use my brush to push some of the drips into other colors like Jackson Pollock did. This was my first try at using String Gel which has the consistency of honey and dries clear. I wasn't sure if it would buckle card stock so I used a piece of thin cardboard which was packaging material.

I decided to do a hand print like Jackson Pollock did. However, the paint dried too quick which metallic paints appear to do unless extenders are used plus I didn't have a heavy enough coat of paint on my hand. If you look carefully you can  see my fingers. I first used a palette knife to let the gel drip but I ended getting lots of globs. After doing some drips with a metallic turquoise I added some lilac paint to it which gave me the different color of turquoise mottled with the lilac. Then I decided to see if it would drip better if I used a thinner medium so I mixed purple acrylic ink. I still got thicker lines dripping from the palette knife.  Then I decided to make a spout on my disposable drinking cup and poured the string gel getting thinner drips. After the string gel was dried I used my air brush and Spectrum Noir markers to color over the white background. I used my label marker for printing out the quote. This quote is one of my favorites. "Art is the only way of running away without leaving home."

I looked at the card and decided that it needed something else. The lines reminded me of a butterfly in flight. I stamped on plastic using Stazon ink with my favorite butterfly stamp. (This was the first stamp I ever bought which started me on my card making journey a few decades back.) I then used my air brush first with Spectrum Noir markers and then with a gold Sharpie on tissue wrapping paper. I held the Sharpie a distance away from the tissue paper using the lowest setting so I would get  more of a splattered look. I then glued my wrapping paper on the plastic on the backside. When the glue was dry I cut out the butterfly. Then I used a black Glaze pen for the Antennas and body. Under the black I was able to adhere a piece of foam without it showing. The butterfly is semi-transparent so you can see some of the drips under it.if you are looking. If you don't have an airbrush which works with markers you can use color sprays if you wish to make your own embellishments this way. Just remember to color the tissue paper first as the glue will to a certain extent act as a resist. Also you will want to make sure that the tissue paper is down tight. Especially if you are going to cut out.

What do you think of my adventure in creating modern art? Do you think you would buy String gel and play with it?  By the way this is something which older children would have fun with. I'm hoping that I can introduce my oldest granddaughter to this medium. Who knows even my son might have fun playing.

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

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  1. Such an interesting piece. You certainly can imitate Pollock very well. Nice experimentation. I love the colours and that butterfly.


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