Monday, March 26, 2018

Experimenting Painting On Plastic

Hi Everyone I've been so busy with my new house. I'm still working on painting the kitchen cabinets. What a lot of work that is. In between snow and rain as well as frigid temperatures I've been raking and bagging up leaves. That has been a lot of work also.

 I picked up some Americana metallic paint which comes in a glass wide mouth jar. I thought I was buying the matte and it wasn't even though the colors come in the matte. I have some ideas but thought I would play first.

I wanted to see about painting on plastic. My first attempt was a disaster. I took a outlet plate which is cracked. The first time I didn't sand the plastic. When I put the second coat on the first coat peeled off. I was able to wash the paint off and start again.

A stencil brush, paint and plate

After sanding with a 80 grit piece of sandpaper I painted with the stencil brush using circular motions.

This is the plate up. I  painted soft gold and then dry brushed vintage brass. I need to use extra fine sandpaper around the openings in the plate. As well as see what happens if I lightly sand it on the front with extra fine sandpaper.

I sanded and ended up putting another coat of paint on. I think it looks a little better.

Thank you for stopping by. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

Saturday, March 3, 2018


Hi everyone sorry I have been missing in action. I have been a painting fiend. Not painting on paper or canvas though.

It is amazing the difference paint can make.

All the walls were a glossy white and woodwork a dark brown. The dark brown woodwork would not have been too bad if there had not been white splotches all over it.

My bedroom is now teal blue (darker than in the photo) with white floating shelves for nightstands. My vintage light fixtures are finally on the wall. They are not in this photo as they were installed afterwards. These are the only flannel sheets I own. Later I will buy new sheets. As well as sheer drapes and drapery rods to make a canopy.

As well as painting I have been removing paint on light fixtures. After removing the paint on the hallway light I replaced the light globe. Then I decided to paint the walls and start my gallery. I need to get a short rod to add below this rod  as well as find which box the photo paper is in. I have three more frames.  I love the walls painted in warm Caramel.

The big project is painting the kitchen cabinets which I am working on now,

This is how they looked like

This is how they will look. Lots of cleaning since there is even sticky stuff on the inside. Then lots of patching. Then sanding. Two coats of paint and they look like this. I am using a dense roller to add texture to the drawers and doors.

I don't have pictures but the entry is painted pale yellow. The woodwork lavender and the dark brown  closet painted the same teal blue as the bedroom.

I can't believe I have lived in this house for almost five months now.

That is all for now. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again.