Monday, June 25, 2018

Snailing Along In My Garden

Hi everyone my apologies for being missing in action.  The house and yard is taking all my time and energy. Plus alas I have not yet organized and unpacked things. :-(

Blaze a bareroot rose I planted this Spring. Eventually it will climb the fence.

When I moved in I noticed a snail on a stake in one of the flower beds. It looked like someone had tried to spray paint it but either not successfully or the weather did some changes. Although I threw out a  lot of stuff found inside and out I kept the snail thinking he could be given new life.

This is how it looked in the flower bed.  I scrubbed it good and then used liquid sandpaper before starting the transformation.

After it was dry the fun began. I first used a Sharpie on the antenna. Later I went back and used a brown black paint. The snail was painted with copper paint. The flower I used turquoise glitter paint. Which is still wet in the picture..

After the paint was dry I went ahead and used antique gold paint just on the shell part using a stencil brush and a circular motion. I did a light coat allowing the copper to show through.

With a toothpick I added white glitter paint for the eye.

I used purple glitter paint on the edges of the flower. Added turquoise paint in the middle and stuck a gem in the center while the paint was still wet.

Here it is in the flower bed.  I probably need to seal it with a sealer with UV protection. I love how it turned out and it gives a little bit of whimsy.

Off to go start work in the "playroom".where it is cool My granddaughters are planning on coming over and spending some time with me in August during another school break. They go to year around school.

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!