Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dryer Sheet Spring Card

Hi everyone! Today was a gorgeous Spring day. The weather was a little warmer today and suppose to be nice all week. For once there is good weather for those on Spring break. :-). To celebrate I had to make another Spring card. I love this butterfly image. I think of all the butterfly images I have this is my favorite. While looking for images to use with my used dryer sheet background I thought this would be perfect.
First I mounted a used dryer sheet on a piece of cardstock. Then brushed three different metallic watercolor paints on randomly. Then spritzed with water to blend the colors. If you do this technique you will want to use a soft brush to brush the paint on so you don't tear the dryer sheet.  When my panel was dry I stamped with Vintage Photo distress ink and a Recollection stamp. The name of the stamp was not listed on the wood mounting. I did find one listed for sale on e-bay. If you like to stamp this is a stamp to have if you can find it. Not only does it work for on cards but you can also stamp on tissue and use it on a candle for birthdays,holidays,etc.

The butterfly image is a Dover clipart free sample. It was worth the time it took me last year to trace the image in Silhouette Studio and then to trace the butterfly so it could be cut out separately. The image and butterfly are edged with Vintage Photo ink to give definition. The butterfly is pop dotted on the card for dimension.

So there you have it one less used dryer sheet in the landfill. I don't use dryer sheets all that often in my dryer but it is nice to know that when I do I can use them in a project.

My crackle project crackled a little bit but it looks like I needed to have used a heavier layer of glue. I did get an interesting background and plan to take some pictures of the process when I do it again and then finish a card using the background I made yesterday. The fun thing about this is that no two pieces turn out exactly the same. In the meantime I plan to take advantage of this week of gorgeous weather that is in the forecast. Who knows I may get out and take more photos.

Thank you for stopping by and do come back. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Vintage Label Card With Used Tea Bag

Today was a beautiful day with a little warmer weather. It actually felt like a Spring day. I decided to finish this card  to allow the weather to get warmer before walking my dogs.

I'm working on a Spring card but while I had my watercolor paints out to paint on a used dryer  sheet I decided to also paint on some used tea bags. Originally I was going to use the vintage label on one of the tea bags but realized that so much of the detail would be lost making it smaller.
The card base is a blank card. Alas it is the last one in the assorted pack of card bases which I accidentally bought thinking it was  cardstock cut A 2 size of this color. The doily was one in my stash and for some reason I don't use them much. The tea bag held Kirkland green tea. The only thing I noticed is that where the string was glued on the bag it pretty much resisted the paint. Also the paint puddled on the bag. In fact the paint created what looked like a scallop on the bag. I decided to go and use that to decide how to place the bag on the card. It worked out that the bag extends over the base. I think I like that. The image is from Dover clipart. I fell in love with this image when I first downloaded it as a sample. Never though knew how I was going to use it. I did ink the edges with gold edge of the print and cut image to give it more of a finished look. It took longer for the paint to dry on the tea bag than to make the card.

Right now I'm undecided about whether  to stamp on the dryer sheet panel or not. I'm so afraid of messing the panel up and I love so far how it turned out with the metallic watercolor paints. Of course there are those who say that there is no such thing as a messed up stamped image.

I tried yesterday a crackle paint technique but it did not work out. I ended up using some Tim Holtz Crackling glaze which was all globby. I think it was a bad container in the sampler as the others appear to more fluid. Anyway my white pearl paint ended up looking more silver so I don't know yet how I'll use this panel.  I'm now this evening trying using PVC glue under acrylic paint but so far it looks like that won't crackle the paint either. Will have to wait and see.

That is all for now. Hope you are having Spring weather where you live. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tea Bag Spring Card

Hi readers! Can you believe that Spring is almost officially here.  Well in my neck of the woods it is overcast and feels like rain will soon be here. Thank goodness I took advantage of the sun yesterday. I have not seen any bulbs up yet and miss seeing Spring flowers this early. The grocery store yesterday didn't even have any daffodils to buy. Just tons of roses so I'll have to wait to buy myself a bouquet of Spring.

Roni  at posted her beautiful work stamping on tea bags. Well mine didn't turn out the way hers did but I did learn that not all tea bags are the same size,made the same way, or made out of the same  material. For this I used a Stash tea bag. I was looking at my display of rubber stamps and pulled a few that I thought might work size-wise. I thought the tulips stamp would be perfect for making a Spring card.
When life gives you lemons make lemonade. When you mess up improvise. I will confess that I'm a master of improvising. I did not have my letter size sheet of cardstock on the mat correctly so the scallop edge was cut one end of my card base. I decided to cut that edge so it was straight and add a strip of scrap which just happened to be on my desk which is the same pattern cardstock as the scallop circle.  After adhering the strip I hand cut the scallops and inked the edge in gold ink which doesn't really show in the photo.

The lace doily was also on my desk as I had planned to use it on another project but then felt like it was too much. I think I like how it looks with the die cut scallop circle so I'll have to keep in mind pairing cut out circles with the doily.

I was looking at the doily and circle but thought it was too bland. Since this week the emphasis at My Creative Classroom is on buttons I decided to get out my stash of buttons and see what I could do. Using Zots I attached the buttons. Although I had tried the buttons on every scallop of the circle I thought it was too much. What do you think? Would you have covered all the scallops with buttons?
I did not rinse my teabag out so it is a darker color although you could rinse it. I was hoping I could empty the tea without cutting the bag open. Alas that was not the case. Also as I was emptying the tea I discovered that the tea was in two different sections.

Roni used Distress Stains but believe it or not I do not own any. I am still in the cave days of crafting I guess. I do however have Distress Ink pads, water, and paint brushes. I stamped right on the tea bag with Concord Grape,Peeled Paint, and Antique Linen. Then taking a wet paintbrush I dribbled water on the tea bag and then blended the colors with my brush. In a few places I went back and stamped again and blended until I was satisfied with the result. I let my bag dry and then stamped with Memento Tuxedo Black Ink. The stamp is Tulips by Hero Arts. Alas I think it is a discontinued stamp like most of my rubber stamps as I could not find it online.

I don't know if my ink was not as juicy or the type I used as the inked image does not show on the other side of the tea bag like it did for Roni. More experimentation will need to be done.

I can't wait to play with a tea bag from Kirkland Green Tea as it is a fabric mesh bag. Also instead of using distress ink or stain I want to play with watercolors. I will probably use my tube ones as I can use those on a palette watered down. I also found a used dryer sheet which I will be playing with.

Although I stamped on the tea bag you could instead of stamping on the tea bag use a sticker, die cut  shape, a print and cut image or other embellishments. Personally I think this technique would be sweet with a vintage print and cut.  I may have to start drinking more tea just to have the tea bags. LOL!

Thank you for stopping by and do come back. I have more projects in mind to do. LOL! For now too many ideas and it is difficult to narrow down what I wish to do next.

My favorite part of Spring is seeing all the new life with  plants sprouting up through the ground,flowers blooming and trees dressing themselves  with a pretty dress after a long winter. What is your favorite part of Spring?

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

Cell Phone Photos And Play

Cell Phones have not only come a long ways from when they first came out but the cameras on them have really improved over the years. I ended up getting a new cell phone as my old one would not function half the time. Also it would no longer read from my SD card my photos or music. I thought the card was damaged but that does not appear to be the case.  Just to be on the safe side I did make a backup of the photos and music on it. Anyway I just received my cell phone Monday and discovered it came with Paper Artist. I decided to see what Paper Artist is and discovered that I can modify my photos with the program. I decided to take a picture that I took last Spring and see what I could do with it. This was the result.
I can not believe how this looks like a piece of crewel needlework.  I'm thinking of printing it on canvas to use on the front of a card.

Today was a balmy Spring like day so my two dogs and I headed to the park. I decided instead of carrying my camera to see what quality of pictures I could take with my cell phone. I discovered there are all kinds of effects to play with on another day. Here are two pictures I took. One of them using the zoom function. The only thing I have to watch is that I don't get my fingers in the way of the lens. I love the reflection in both of these photos.

I have to admit that the quality is just as good using my camera phone as I get using my regular camera. Although my regular camera takes better pictures in low light conditions. Since I almost always have my cell phone with me I will probably take more pictures with it and now I won't be upset because I left my regular camera at home and there is something that inspires me.

My frugal tip is to see what photos you may be able to modify and use in your projects. Also check to see what free software may be on your cell phone if you use one or what software you may be able to download to play with.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Stencil Thanks Card

Hi everyone! I love the fact that often in the craft world you can do a do over. Maybe something didn't turn out the way you had planned. No worries just do a do over.

This card is created with a do over. Originally I was playing on card stock with using gesso and extreme glitter paint mixed in with a stencil. My stencil design ended up being all globby looking. I played on other card stock using a sponge and it worked a lot better. Later on I'll be using those panels on some cards. If you have been following me for any time at all you know that I don't like to waste things. So I took my first piece of card stock and covered it with the leftover gesso mix on my craft mat. When the gesso was dry I used the stencil and ink. Alas my camera does not do this card justice. The stenciled panel is absolutely beautiful with the drops clear like raindrops.
 I decided to go with a gray blank card since I'll be sending this to a man. I think I will do a do over on the "Thanks". I thought I wanted it a little curved but now I think it will look better if all the letters are straight.
I do a lot of experimenting on scrap card stock and this panel was no exception. After the gesso mixture was dry I put my butterfly stencil on top and using a sponge dabbed on pigment ink. I thought the background was too blah looking so went and rubbed some chalk over it.  Today I discovered that the pigment ink did not dry even though I did the stenciling a couple of days ago when some of ink transferred onto my fingers. Oops! That would not do for someone to get a smudged card. Since I didn't want to toss this panel I decided to use clear Ultra Thick Enamel. I would have used clear embossing powder but do not have any. Oh the shame. I decided to use only one coat and got this interesting texture. Now you can rub your fingers over the butterflies and not get ink on your fingers.

Do you ever do overs or do you just toss things in the garbage?

I'm doing some play with some interesting items and I have some interesting ideas in my brain right now waiting to be translated into a project. Thank you for stopping by and do come back to see what I'm doing.
 Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Pull Tab Birthday Card

Hi my dear readers. I had company last week so the only crafting I got done was stenciling shamrocks on envelopes and coloring them in. I did get my St. Patrick cards mailed out. I like getting cards like that out so that the recipient receives them early and can use them for decoration if they wish.

A couple of days after St. Patrick my brother-in-law has a birthday. A few years ago he was telling me that the only card he ever gets in the mail is from his insurance agent so I now try to send him a card. I hope this card will bring a smile to his face. It took me a little bit of figuring out how to do it and my first attempt did not work. Also Cameron my Cameo was misbehaving. Probably because he had not been put to work for a little over a week. I am pleased the way this card turned out. :-)

The background map is an image I downloaded several years ago to put together a scrapbook about my dad. I thought it would be perfect for this card.  Cameron cut one map out plain and one with the window in it to hold the pull tab. I tried to have the pull tab be the map but could not match it up so went with a solid scrap which I had printed the map on and colored with ink for sky.

I glued both map pieces together leaving an unglued area for the tab to go through and pull freely back and forth. I took a tag shape and added my text which I turned into print. I do not like to paper piece. I did paper piece the reinforced circle that the braided crochet thread goes through. I pop dotted the plane on the pull tab so that when the tab is pulled the plane stops at the edge of the window. Since the other end is glued the plane stops back at the other end when the tab is pushed back in

I put in search for free airplane clipart and came up with this cute airplane image. After Cameron finally cut him out right I brushed Extreme Glitter paint on his tongue. The photo doesn't really show it and glitter paint on the wings and tail fin.  I applied Dimensional Magic for the windshield. For some reason it wrinkled a little must have been a draft but I think it gives the plane character. There you have it my masculine birthday card for someone who has a love affair with planes although as far as I know he has never flown a plane.

I have lots of ideas for Spring and Easter cards. Just not sure which I will do first. I also need to find out why Cameron was refusing to cut print and cut right. Although when I turned the mat around he cut only a little off on the plane which I hand trimmed. I"m thinking the blade was getting caught in a groove in the mat which was throwing the blade off so that it was cutting off the letter size print. Thankfully it did not cut through the mat but if it did it would be packing tape to the rescue.

Are you getting ready for Spring? The rain and warmer temperatures finally melted the snow and now at least for this week there will be Spring like temperatures. By midweek the sun is suppose to come out so hopefully the boys and I can walk to our favorite park and do more exploring.

Have a Blessed week! Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Chalk It Up To Being Irish

I love St. Patrick Day which is why I guess I love making cards and wishing people the luck of the Irish. Of course having a smidgen of Irish blood coursing through my veins may have something to do with that also.  I have my last two St. Patrick day cards to share with you today before I get all the cards in the mail next week. These were fun to make and of course as the title said I used my chalks on them as well as Cameron got to do more work than he has lately. He always amazes me at how intricate he can cut and he is so happy doing so. Oh you want to see the cards.

I started out using my Cameo to cut out a mat for a stencil. You may recognize this mat from the previous post. That is what I love that I can design files and then use them over again. I used my chalk pastels for the shamrocks but then the background looked too blah and some chalk dust marred it so I went back and rubbed pigment ink with a cotton ball. Then put my stencil back on the panel and this time instead of using the chalk directly drew on scratch paper and used my finger. Next time I'll use my finger to color in with chalk using a stencil. Live and learn. Then while the chalk was still on the cardstock I outline with a fine tip marker.

I traced a celtic knot image I had and was pleased  at how well Cameron cut it out. I then painted it with Extreme Glitter Peridot paint. It really is prettier than it shows here. The image is one I'm sure came from Fairy Graphic. I went and again traced just the part of the image that I wanted cut out. After she was cut out and glued to the knot I pop dotted the knot onto the card.
I decided to do this card a little differently from the other cards so I paper pieced the focal image. Being the frugal person I am I used the stencil I had cut out and chalked over for the shamrocks in the previous card. I knew when I was making the first card that I was also going to use the negative cut out so chalked over the whole panel.  My marker nicely outlined the shamrocks for me when I used it on the previous card.:-) 

I cut out a scrap of cardstock to back the panel and painted it with the Extreme Glitter. Then I resized and ungrouped a file which had been a free file from Silhouette. Then filled the pieces in with color. Because I don't like to paper piece I grouped the shamrock right onto the pot and the pieces of the rainbow together before printing. I lightly glittered the rainbow. Painted the coins with glitter glue as well as the shamrock. The pot puckered a little bit from the glitter glue as you can see but trying to get over being a perfectionist I went ahead and used it. I don't know if I like the pot slightly off centered but after all the pot of gold is at the end of a rainbow.

Thank you for stopping by. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!