Sunday, October 14, 2018

Poor Woman's Crackle

Hi everyone while looking through a library mixed media book I saw the glue crackle technique I had tried years ago and discovered why it had not worked out with metallic paint.

While unpacking stamps I found this La Blanche stamp which a friend had bought for me. The funny thing was I discovered later that I had from Dover a digital image of this stamp.

I know stop the yammering and show the finished card. Be prepared to be blown away. This card exceeded my original expectations. I love when that happens.

I realized my black card stock was too lightweight so I used my airbrush with a black marker on my 110 weight white card stock. Before I owned a airbrush I painted the card stock with black paint. Of course if you have heavy weight color card stock you can use that. Be aware there may be some curling. Georgia Pacific 110 card stock doesn't appear to curl as much as other brands I have used in the past.

With a clean dry brush heavily brush white glue on your card stock. I use Elmer's glue but other brands of white glue may work.  With another clean brush brush your choice of paint so that it is just floating on the glue. If you overwork the paint it will not work. The resulting pattern will depend on what direction you apply the paint. In this case I did sort of a wavy vertical direction.

It took two days for the glue to dry. I did once a skin had formed took my hair dryer. I still had some stubborn areas and the hair dryer caused some curling. I went ahead since it was not tacky at this point and placed it under my airbrush machine. A pile of books would work.

After stamping my image with Ranger archival ink I rubbed Tea Dye Distress ink with a sponge dauber everywhere but the face area. I used my finger picking up flesh color soft pastel I had scribbled on a scrap of paper to do her face. Then took a Tombow marker to color the lips. It doesn't really show in the photo but the spades are outlined with a Jellyroll clear glitter pen.

I used my regular tape runner to adhere my stamped image to the mat. Then brushed heavy gel on the back of the mat. I placed my finished card under a pile of books to make sure that the mat adhered tightly.

Hopefully I will eventually get better lighting in my playroom and can start taking photos of  my experimenting or different techniques I use.

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

Friday, October 12, 2018

More Experimenting With Hard Gel Medium

Hi all I did more experimenting with heavy gel medium. My faux encaustic sky didn't turn out like planned but I like it. I also put my piece when dry the wrong side in my embossing folder but it all worked out.

Sometimes when adhering something on glitter it hasn't stuck or if it has it ends up later on falling off. So far the heavy gel has kept the snow person on the card. We will see if he/she is still on the card before I mail out my holiday cards.

Without further ado! Here is my finished card. Not the way I had planned it but I like it. I hope the person I send it to will like it also.

For my sky I put drops of acrylic paint on canvas paper. Then loaded my plastic pan scraper (the pan scraper is wider than a palette knife) with heavy gel medium blending in the paints and medium. When dry I embossed with my Darice folder. Brushed on white paint and while still wet wiped it off with a paper towel leaving the white in the design.

Took a photo and printed it out. Did some creative cutting. I brushed heavy gel in places and used it to create some snow drifts. It didn't flatten like other mediums do. I thought I had grabbed white glitter but it was multi-color crystal glitter I sprinkled over the wet hard gel. Was going to add more hard gel and white glitter to discover I am out of white glitter.

The snow person is a Just For Fun stamp. I used waterpoof ink to stamp with since I was coloring with markers.I colored with Tombow brush markers and Prismacolor markers. After cutting out I adhered with a dab of the heavy gel.

It was fun playing around seeing what the hard gel will do. I'm back to unpacking and organizing my "playroom" if I'm lucky I will be done by the holidays. Lol!

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

Monday, October 8, 2018

Fall Is In The Air Time To Play With Paint

Hi everyone I had so much fun this weekend playing with both water color paint and acrylic paint. As well as experimenting with hard gel medium which I just bought.  I also had fun organizing and sorting through more stamps. I found my stamptangle stamps from Just For Fun and had fun inking up both the pumpkin and one of the leaves. Without further ado here is what my final result was.

Unfortunately my light is so dim in my playroom that I was not able to take photos while I created my background. Instead of using masking tape I used painter's tape as it is has less of a tendency to tear card stock when you pull it up. The next time I do this though I will have a tab as it was a pain to find under the layers of paint where some of the tape was. Much less pull it up.

I started by painting canvas paper which is textured with yellow paint. When the paint was dry I randomly placed torn pieces of tape. I am clueless where my orange tube acrylic paint is so I mixed yellow and red for orange. Once that was dry I randomly placed more tape and painted red. When that was dry I placed more tape and painted walnut gel stain. When that dried I pulled off the tape and applied gel stain and wiped it off before it dried. Once dried I took a palette knife and applied hard gel medium. The medium created a rich look to the colors.

Next was to see if hard gel medium could be used over water color paints. I stamped my leaf on brown packing paper using Ranger Archival ink. I then painted with water color paint and when dry coated my leaf with the hard gel. Once dry I cut out my leaf and was able to curl the leaf and have it stay curled. So happy to know that I can seal over water color paint.

Then it was on to experiment with painting a detailed stamped image with acrylic paint. I painted the pumpkin and then with a paper towel wiped off enough paint so that the stamped details showed through. I used Dylusion Black Marble ink which was not as dark as the Ranger ink to stamp with.

After adhering my leaf with some hard gel onto my background I curled my pumpkin and adhered it only down at the sides to give it dimension.

I hope you won't be afraid to experiment and to try new things. As well as with Fall in the air and cooler weather to get into your craft room and play.

I'm off to play more with the hard gel. As well as unearthing more of my craft supplies. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!