Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Twinchies eBrush Challenge

Hi everyone I don't know about you but I'm getting really ready for Spring. Yesterday it snowed but luckily it did not stick. Also I'm ready to challenge myself more although I think in the process my hair is turning gray. At least I'm not pulling it out. ;-) As I think I mentioned before one of my goals for this year is to try new things and to get outside of my comfort zone. Wow! I thought working in miniature on altered playing cards was a challenge. Try putting together a creation on a two by two inch base, When I saw on the eBrush facebook group this challenge I just knew I would have to see what I could do. If you have an eBrush and are on facebook you are more than welcome to join in the challenge here:.https://www.facebook.com/groups/1494321010779881/

Another facebook group I'm involved in is Everyday Moodling 50 Challenges in 2015. The challenge this week is to use vellum. You may want to check out the Everyday Moodling blog as it is a free class.  On the blog the inspiration projects are shown as well as if you sign up for the newsletter you will receive a link to the video showing how the projects were done. O.K. enough yapping and on to the unveiling of my first every Twinchie.
 First off I created the background for my Twinchie. I now have extra to use for other things.:-) This is what I call faux texture vellum. I've never seen this done before but that doesn't mean that someone has not already done it. I decided to experiment and to see if school gel glue could be colored with my eBrush.

I started out by painting gel glue on wax paper and then while still wet used my eBrush with Spectrum Noir markers to color it. (If you don't have an eBrush color mists will work or you can color the glue before painting it on.). While the glue was still wet I adhered a paper towel I had separated so it was single ply. You can also use facial tissue, napkins, etc. for this technique. On my second piece I used white glue, glitter and torn facial tissue. I'm sure that will show up in another project.

 Next was to create my flower. Since the other challenge is to use Vellum I took my pastel vellum and used a Sizzix flower die to cut four of the smaller flowers. I then used the ebrush to color it. Next step was to see if Porcelain-Itz-It. by Aleene's would work. I don't know if this product is still available because I bought it a couple of years ago at a thrift store and never used it. The vellum did curl and I had to manually uncurl it while still wait as it wanted to curl into itself. and hold it down on my parchment paper for a few seconds.  It caused the color to blend from the Sprectrum Noir marker but in this case that was all right. I only did one coat but could have done more. After it was dry I clipped the petals separating them and cupped each flower in my hand shaping them. Then I put glue in the center of each flower to assemble my flower. Once the flower was assembled I used a darker color of marker with the eBrush and held it from a distance to get a light mist and to edge the petals some. Then the finishing touch was to take the same dark marker and eBrush an adhesive pearl.  I love the variations of colors I got on the pearl.

 I was going to use  as a decorative border what I ended up using as a stem. A  QuickKutz die which a dear friend gave me was used for that. Although the paper was originally a strip I was playing with using dye ink and water I went ahead and eBrushed that also with a Spectrum Noir marker.

Next step in this creation was to create my butterfly. Using a Studio G clear stamp and Rangers Archival ink I stamped my butterfly on Japanese Calligraphy Paper. When I bought the paper the description said rice paper but this ended up not really being what I consider rice paper. Being a frugal person I usually use it for making prints with my Gelli Plate. However, I decided to see how it would stamp and if I could do a water technique with it. I stamped two different colors of Memento dye ink onto a vinyl placemat then I took a waterbrush to pick up the ink to use to color the butterfly. I think that I like using dye ink that way almost better than getting out the water colors.

The last part of my Twinchie is my word HOPE. I bought last year at a thrift store a used Brother Labeling machine and although I've used it I have not really played with the different functions. I now have several strips of HOPE labels.  Don't worry they won't go to waste. ;-) I decided that I liked the dot frame one the best. I think I'm going to have to see if I can buy the clear/black tape in bulk. 
There you have it my first ever Twinchie. If you have never made a Twinchie I challenge you to do so. Although at first it may seem intimidating to do so it is actually fun. I'm entering this in the floral category so I can make a Spring one. The challenge ends March 15th midnight ET time so if you have a eBrush come and join in on the fun. Also I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Go ahead and get messy doing a faux vellum technique. ;-) Let that inner child out to play. It keeps you young. :-)

I finally got in the mail today some more Tim Holtz Distress inks so I'm off to play. Also some Iridescence paint additive was in with the ink shipment. Can't wait to play with that since if I can add it to regular paint it will save me money. As much as I love the metallic color paints they are more expensive.. My other project is designing a cantilevered cutting file. I'm at the point now to do a test cut.

What type of things have you done with wax paper, paper towels, etc. in your crafting? Do you like to buy commercial papers, embellishments, etc. or make your own?

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again and "Think Spring"

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Lady In Green Card

Hi! Can you believe that it is already March! Which means that it will soon be St. Patrick's day. There was a comment on the last post that the card looked familiar that I posted. That was because I used the same image this year as I used last year.  Ever once in awhile an image which I turned into a print and cut shows up again on a different card. This lady in green is such an image. After working to figure out how to make her pop up last year I had to use her again this year. The main different is instead of printing her directly onto the card she is cut out separately.I'm not so sure that I should have re-sized her smaller though. This is all part of the learning experience.
After my pop up panel was cut out for the second time. The first time I tried a different technique on it and it ripped. I rubbed Bamboo Shoots and New Sprout Memento ink with a blending tool. I just bought these inks and love the colors. Then taking a  Prima flourish stencil and my eBrush airbrush I used a Spectrum Noir marker for the pattern. I decided to use a yellow color underneath and it just made everything pop. I edged my lady with Vintage Photo Ink to give her more dimension. The trim is glitter tape by Studio G. Alas WalMart was sold out of it on Friday. While sorting through things I found some pages of Sentiments and images that had gotten printed out several years ago when I made over a hundred St. Patrick day cards for a retirement center. I cut one out free hand and edged it with ink.

With this view you can see how the image pops out. I saw in a book how to do this but it took me a few tries to get it correct. using the Studio software. After looking at the file I now remember how I did it so don't be surprised if you see other cantilevered cards. :-) 

That is all for now. I'm off to do my fifteen minutes of crafting for today as well as fifteen minutes of cleaning/organizing my playroom. If it is anything like yesterday it will end up being longer for both the crafting and the organizing.

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wearing Of The Green Time

Can you believe that February is almost over. Of course this is the shortest month of the year but still it seems to me that time is flying. With the advent of March comes that neglected holiday St. Patrick's Day. A day which gives the Irish an excuse to celebrate. Not that we really need an excuse. ;-) People send cards for the major holidays but this is one holiday that sadly gets neglected.   I love to send cards out because most people are not expecting them. Besides they are fun to make. :-)

When I saw a 6 x 6 paper pack by Studio G on clearance with all kinds of green pattern paper and then this wonderful shamrock napkin at Dollar Tree yesterday I knew I had to make a few cards to send. Of course it is also fortunate that I found while cleaning some sentiments already printed out for inside. :-)

It is so much fun to use napkins when creating cards or scrapbook layouts. In fact there are all kinds of  wonderful napkins out there which are easy on the budget. 

Years ago Carol Duval introduced me to the use of napkins when on her show she created a set of note cards using only  napkins. The easiest way to adhere the napkin is with plastic wrap and an iron. Lol! It is the only time my iron gets used. Make sure you use the iron on parchment paper  or copy paper and do not move the iron back and forth. I let my iron sit for about 10 seconds and then move it to another spot.  Pay particular attention to the corners. I have never needed it but I always have a fire extinguisher near by.

After the napkin was down tight I went and edged it with laser green tape I bought at Dollar Tree. It comes in a four pack . Alas not all Dollar Tree stores seem to carry it as the one I was at yesterday did not have it. Good thing I stocked up at Christmas time. :-) After I glued the card with the napkin down on my base I took a sepia color piece of chalk and rubbed over the whole card. The pattern paper originally had white in it as well as the white background in the napkin. I wanted something not so stark to go with this period image. I then went and edged the card base with ink.
The image I believe is by Fairy Graphic. Last year I turned her into a cutting file. I decided I wanted her more sepia than she originally was. I love now that in the Studio software I can do special effects with images instead of having to take an image first into another program. This time I went ahead and created an offset as I wanted to pop dot her on a mat. After she was cut out I took my old standby Vintage Photo ink and edged the image. I found that a stencil dauber works great and gets into the corners. For the offset I scribbled two different colors of green chalk on it and then blended the colors with a cotton ball. Then I edged the offset with gold ink. It is an antique gold color which I bought years ago. I'm not even sure the company is still in business. I like to use it because it is not brassy like some gold inks.

There you have it my fairly quick St. Patrick Day card since I had already created the original cutting file. It took me longer to get a decent picture of the card than to make it.

Have you used napkins in your crafting? Do you make and send St. Patrick Day cards?

That's all folks for now. I'm working on another St. Patrick Day card and hope to share it soon. In the meantime wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Altered Playing Cards Week 24

Hi folks,here we are already at week 24 in the altered playing card challenge. This week the challenge was to use Washi tape. I had to laugh as I had just picked up a couple of rolls at WalMart over the weekend.  Of course you know me I had to use other tape as well. Here are Claudine's:

And this is what I came up with:
I decided to paint my card first since I knew that the negative from using a Sizzix flower die was not going to cover the whole card.  I used Wild Honey Distress Paint which I misted after daubing it on. While looking through the library in Studio I noticed I had grungy text paper. It was a free file one week. (Now why couldn't I have found it for earlier challenges!) I printed it out and used my die. Now I have three nice text flower petals to use for something else. :-) I decided instead of using washi tape for this card to experiment. I embossed  athletic tape using a Darice flourish border folder. I  then airbrushed it and rubbed Distress Ink over the tape. One word of warning be sure to place the tape first on paper before embossing unless you want a mess to clean and perhaps even ruin your folder.. Luckily I was able to salvage the folder so it is still usable. I also backed my flower window with gold laser tape which is sold at Dollar Tree. My camera picked up reflections in the room. My sentiment is a stamp by Studio G and is stamped on a post it note strip found at Dollar Tree.  I just stamped the Think Happy part of the stamp. You don't always have to use the whole stamp or all of a quotation.

The tape used here to cover the card is by Studio G and was bought at WalMart for under a dollar a roll. The glitter design tape is also by Studio G. I would love to find more of this tape in different colors. This time instead of stamping my sentiment I used my label maker with clear tape. Then placed the tape onto a post it note strip.

Alas the photo does not do justice to Mr. Toad here. He is stamped on photo paper which I used alcohol inks and mixatives on. I put drops of the inks and mixatives onto a blending pad. For some reason the gold didn't really show but where it appears gray in the photo that is the silver and it is shimmery in person. Swirled the pad on the paper and then added a few drops of alcohol blending solution onto the pad and swirled some more. The ink dries really fast so you have to work quickly. Also the photo paper really absorbs the ink. After the ink was dry I stamped Mr. Toad with black Stazon and cut him out. Who says that you always have to hand color stamped images. Of course since I didn't use the whole piece of photo paper I now have some pretty paper for some other project

Can't wait to see what next week's challenge is. They are so fun to do and get me to use and try different things.

Do you use decorative tape in your crating? If you have a embossing machine have you tried to emboss on different things?

Thank you for stopping by and do come back. In the meantime wishing you happy frugal crafting till we meet again!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Last Anything Goes High Hopes Challenge Entry

Hi everyone this will be my last challenge entry for this month. Luckily we are allowed three entries each month and of course this will be the winning entry. ;-) Of course if you haven't entered yet you still can just remember the winning prize is mine. ;)
Just kidding about the winning prize is mine whether I win or not doesn't matter as I had a blast creating this little work of art using their window stamp and some ancient stamps I had from the 90's.

 It is kind of nice to once in awhile pull out some old friends and reminiscence about days gone by. It is also nice to play with different things in my "playroom" including some brand new gouache used for coloring. Enough yapping as I know you want to see what I did with the window stamp.
 Here is my card and I love how it turned out. Although I'm not so sure that I can part with it now. I might just have to frame it for decorating my "playroom".

I started out by stamping three different colors of Distress Ink onto a sheet of plastic and then misted it with water. It could also be misted with a shimmer spray. I just didn't have any made up. Then I plopped photo paper glossy side down in the ink.. It doesn't matter what brand you use.I usually buy mine at Dollar Tree when they have it.) You could probably also use glossy card but I don't have a lot of it and have a difficult  time finding it at the price I want to pay. If your paper or card curls you can mist it on the backside and it should flatten out. When it was dried although I was terrified I was going to mess it up I stamped the sun with sentiment using Stazon ink. The sun is a Stamping Up Stamp I won so I don't know if it is still available. I then painted the sun with gouache layering it on tying to get a yellow instead of a green sun. Lol!

I like to stamp everything out at one time so using Stazon ink I first stamped the kitty which was actually in a basket of ornaments. I'm pretty sure the stamp is long since retired and the company may no longer be in business. The same with the tulip stamp but you can always find similar stamps. (Also remember to look at your stamps as you may be able to use only a portion of a stamp.) Then I stamped the window. These stamped images were colored with gouache. Gouache is similar to watercolor but usually dries faster and is more opaque. This was my first time using Gouache which comes in tubes and it will take some practice getting the right constancy. After everything was painted I cut with scissors and a craft knife. By the way if you have not invested in a  finger swivel craft knife you might want to as it is great for cutting out small areas..After the window was cut out I very carefully glued lace to the back. Then I carefully glued the kitty to the frame.and glued the window to the background. It is a little tricky with the window sill being so narrow but a glue eraser comes in handy and didn't seem to ruin the background.
The butterfly was one in my stash. I was going to use an embossed butterfly but that envelope has disappeared. I air brushed with a Spectrurm Noir marker and then used a stencil with a Sharpie and my eBrush.  I then colored the body with a black Sharpie and heat embossed with clear Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel. I had to do several layers but was amazed at how it made the colors to really pop. For some reason using this cutting file the head and antennas always tear off  on the smaller ones so I used floss for those. and then pop dotted it on the window with the antennas pointing to the sentiment.

The tulips was the first thing I tried painting with my new gouache paints. I only bought the starter set but the colors can be blended. Because they are water based any waterproof ink will work. I just love the crispness I get using Stazon and finally bought the black. I love how colors can be layered using gouache. Now I wonder why it took so long before I bought any. Then I used a VersaMarker pen and fine detail clear embossing powder for the look of dew. Sorry for the glare on them but it really looks like a fine coating of water droplets. Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel would give more of a raindrop look as perhaps coarser embossing powder.

There you have it my card using the High Hopes Window stamp. Don't be surprised to see this stamp used on other cards. I already have several ideas swirling around in my head. If you decide to buy this stamp please leave me a comment with a link to what you did with it. It looks like with a little bit of imagination it could be a fun stamp to use.

That's all folks! Off to spend my fifteen minutes creating and my fifteen minutes cleaning and organizing my playroom. Since the wind is blowing it may end up being longer. :-) Wishing you a craft filled weekend and Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Altered Playing Cards Week 23

Hi everyone I finally finished this week's challenge yesterday but it was indeed a challenge for me. Things just were not working out the way as planned. Yesterday I had to just walk away a few times. Luckily the weather was nice although a little chilly so I was able to take my boys on a longer walk. Both boys were tails up and doing a dancing step.

The challenge was to use masks. I tore a mask out of paper but it really didn't work and I was too lazy to fire up Cameron my Cameo so I went with using stencils.Here is Claudine's creations
And here is what I came up with:

The first one I tried painting with some antique gold paint I have. It was too thin and the white gesso showed through. I then used Wild Honey Distress paint which colored the gesso and ended up painting a taupe over that. When the paint was dried I used a lattice stencil I had cut out a few years ago. I then rubbed copper Brilliance ink over the stencil after trying the gold and there not being enough of a contrast. While the stencil was still in place I used a Fancy Pants stamp and brown Stazon ink. I ended up having to keep moving the stamp and re-stamping as in places it just was not stamping. I wish now that I had stamped the butterfly further down so that it was on the squares with not as much script. Luckily there was a residue of ink on my ancient butterfly stamp as I stamped it with a glue pad and tried to burnish DecoFoil over it but the foil didn't transfer. Then I tried my 2 way glue but that didn't work either. Guess Ill have to get transfer adhesive. Argh! I still can't find my set of Gellyroll pens. I did however find my clear glitter Gellyroll pens so used that on the butterfly. Then I stamped using a stamp from Inkadinkado "Inspiration Lift and Fiskar Butterfly Magic. Then edged the card with black ink.

The second card my torn mask did work out so I used a stencil with Brilliance Sky blu ink after the sky blue paint was dry. Then I used another stencil with a off brand dark blue dye ink.which was given to me. I stamped the whale with a black ink and used antique embossing powder. I have had the embossing powder for ages and would like to find more of it. For some reason it didn't totally emboss. I love how the solid areas in the stamp ended up instead taking on the lines from the paint. I took a black Sharpie and outlined and went over some of the details. I tried Hero Art alphabet stamps to stamp my words right on the card but alas even doing ink to stamp I got ink from places on the stamp I didn't want. I ended up stamping on blue copy paper as it is it took me several tries. I just bought Stazon blue ink so went ahead and edged with that using a stencil dauber. I found out that using the inkpad to edge can ruin them. I'm waiting for my blending tools to come to use those.

There you have it my challenging challenge cards. Now the other challenge is to find the charger for my camera. It was not where I normally keep it. I'm off to find the battery charger and do some more rearranging in my craft room as I have ink pads coming in the mail and a few other goodies. Plus I must confess I did some shopping Tuesday so need to put away those goodies so I know where they are.

I hope your crafting is not as challenging for you. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Where Flowers Grow

Hi everyone I hope you are doing well.. The weather is a little warmer but it is still cold and also no real sunshine. I'm ready for sunshine and warmer temperatures. The crocuses and daffodils are beginning to poke their heads up and so I have hope that Spring will be not too far behind. And that leads me into today's post.When I saw the "Where Flowers Grow" stamp over at High Hopes I knew that I would have to buy it even though my crafting budget has been stretched to the limit lately. I bought a couple of other stamps but the one will probably wait to be used until next winter.

Anyway if you have not heard of High Hopes and you like to stamp go check them out as they have some really cute stamps. You can find the link to their retail stores here as well as find some great inspiration.. http://highhopesstamps.blogspot.ca/ Also you can enter their monthly challenge at this link and if you don't have one of their stamps yet can download a free digi to use. This month the theme is Anything High Hopes Goes so the sky is the limit.Who knows you may even win a chance to pick up a stamp or two of your choice. Although I get first dibs in winning. ;-)

Enough yapping on my part. LOL! Without further ado here is the card I created after many changes and being unhappy with how it was turning out. I decided to use my embossed border for another project as it just didn't look right. I tried ribbon on the side and didn't like that. Unfortunately in one place where I had the ribbon glued down the glue left a stain.. Then I saw the thin acetate stickers someone sent me years ago and this butterfly was perfect. Sorry I could not get a good full card photo with the buttons. See closeup below.
I decided that I wanted to go with a little brighter  colors so although I used my signature purple I added orange along with a blue. It was suppose to be a teal blue but for some reason my Stazon teal blue and Distress ink which is a teal blue didn't end up that way. I came up with this color combination because I was thinking of a favorite skirt which alas I outgrew. Of course I had to add green in the stamped image which is a neutral color.

I'm taking a class about the different inks online and the first lesson is on dye inks. I already knew how to do the technique for creating Distress Ink backgrounds and to be honest until I bought a blue the few Distress Inks I have were mainly used for edging images or once in awhile creating a background with a cotton ball. I love how this background turned out. but unfortunately now I' want even more colors. I've done this same technique with regular dye inks but it is not as watercolor looking.

I decided I wanted to use some flower shape adhesive buttons I have by Studio G. Since I didn't have any teal blue or orange buttons I airbrushed them with an orange Sharpie. The orange was too red orange so I sprayed yellow on top.

I bought the stamp unmounted and used removable double sided tape to adhere the stamp to an acrylic block. I prefer to do it that way as not only are the stamps cheaper but take up less space to store. Then I've found  sometimes in order to get a crisp image to stamp using a foam pad like a mouse pad. It depends on what you are using whether you will have to do this or not. In this instance the paper was slightly textured.

Then I got to have fun playing with my color pencils. Of course I had to sharpen some of the pencils first. I don't know why it took me so long to break out the pencils and start to use them.

I was going to play with my gelli plate which has been feeling neglected last week but never got around to it so I'm off to play now. Thank you for stopping by and do come back later on this week to see what the Altered Playing Card challenge is. It is anyone's guess right now. Only Claudine knows what it will be.

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!