Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Creative Blog Hop

There is a new blog hop going around and I was tagged by my good  friend Beth Norman of  Sunflowers and Dragonflies to join in. Beth is the queen of card making and creates whimsical cards which are sure to bring a smile to your face. Also her coloring of stamped images is so fabulous it is sure to bring on a bout of coloring envy if you are like me and your coloring looks like a toddler did it.

My sincere apology for being late posting this as I was suppose to post this Monday. Alas when Beth asked me I did not realize I would be in the midst of vacation somewhere with no internet, no cell phone service, and limited electricity. I just got home this afternoon and am trying to get this up as soon as possible.

When Beth asked me to join the hop I was excited as I have never participated in a blog hop and thought it would be fun. Also since this is a "Creative" hop it is not just about paper crafting.By the way everyone is creative whether they realize it or not. It might be in the way a meal is presented that you cooked, The colors you use where you live, even the way you put together an outfit to wear.

This blog hop is a little different as there is no list to click through. It is an ongoing blog hop and so far doing a search for Creative Blog Hop I've found an entry Here from June. It is a great way to introduce readers to other bloggers who are creative in different ways as well as introduces to how other people approach the creative process.

Now for the question and answer part of this post. What am I working on? Well like usual I have several irons in the fire but some things I'm not too sure how I want to go with them right now. The ideas are going to have to percolate a little longer. Right now they are really weak coffee.

 Lately I've been playing with my gelli plate. Since I like creating my own papers and backgrounds for me it was a good investment. For someone else it might not be. They are a little expensive but if you take care of one it will last a long time. Definitely longer than the three months the gelatin plate I had made with Vodka lasted. It eventually went moldy on me.

Lately I've been playing with using dye ink pads,stencils, and stamps. In fact I spent an interesting day after this picture was taken later playing with my granddaughters and index cards. Their mother loved that we played with dye ink instead of paint. The girls had fun applying the ink pad directly to the plate and stamps.

 The card on the far right is what I used to clean off the brayer, The one in the middle was done using two different stencils. The one on the left and above were done using a square stencil. I inked the stencil and then placed the ink side down on the gelli plate. I found it worked great to place an index card under the plate to use as a guide for positioning. 

This is the front of an altered board book I'm working on. I keep changing my mind of how I'm going to use this. Right now I'm thinking of using it with some of my flower photos.

Here I've been sanding the inside pages to use. Before the book police come after me this was really a worn book with lots of stains on the pages. I bought it at a thrift store for a quarter.  If you have really worn board books you might want to consider using them as a mini album of some sort. 

This is what I worked on while on vacation. Although I used to knit all the time with needles I've come to love the idea of using a loom. This is a beaded hat I'm making for my "Diva" granddaughter. I'm thinking of putting a yarn flower with beads on the top. When I'm done on this hat I'll be making another one for the other granddaughter. 

I hope I have not bored you yet. Now to answer more of the questions.  For those who wonder how my work differs from others. I am an experimenter and love to use several different mediums when creating cards which is what I usually do. As well as using my tools in different ways..
This is one of my most favorite cards where I coated the inside of an embossing folder with colored glue. When the glue was dried I carefully took it off the folder and coated the crumpled foil with glue and glued my embossed glue panel to it. Then added a print and cut where I had cut out an extra butterfly and pop dotted it.

Some people ask me why I create. The answer is simple I create because it is fun and because I love to challenge myself. Also I love sending cards, or making gifts to give.

Now to answer the last question. What inspires me? Often I'm inspired by what I see around me. It may be a piece of fabric or an image. Often it is seeing random things scattered in the work area. In fact there may be an image I want to use but not sure how I'm going to use it until I see things on my work space and everything seems to come together. Of course a lot of my inspiration comes just from playing and seeing how different elements look together.

Although a couple of people who I invited to join this blog hop are not available to join this hop I encourage you to check out their blogs. Also if you would like to join in on this blog hop please leave a comment with a way to contact you and I'll send you the information.

First check out my dear friend Myrna's blog. Myrna is the queen of making simple but elegant cards using her Cameo cutting machine. Her blog is What was old is new again

The other blog is by Roni who plays with ink and mixed media. She does a lot of comparing different papers and media using them. She also is always experimenting with different medium and gives her honest opinion of them. As well as shows often different ways to use products.  Her blog is Inkstains with Roni.

Thank you for stopping by and do come again. Now I'm off to unpack and do laundry. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Just Add Ink Round Sketch Challenge

Hi everyone! This is my first post from my new laptop. Alas my old laptop went to laptop heaven as it was beyond repair. Kind of sad when it costs more to repair something than to buy something brand new which is why we have become a throw away society. I can only hope that the repair center it was sent to took out the old parts which were still good to use on a refurbished system or at least recycled them in some way.

This week the challenge over at Just Add Ink is to use this sketch. As you know I don't often use sketches but I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone.
I decided to make a print and cut as I don't really like to paper piece. Alas the first design I saved on a SD card as I created it on my old desktop. However, I got an error message when I tried to open it on my laptop in Studio. Instead of Studio telling me there was not enough room to save it on the card it supposedly saved it. So it was back to the drawing board.

 I decided to use a photo of my favorite place to hike. I wanted it to look like you were perhaps looking out of a cabin window at the outdoors. This is what I ended up with.
I started by drawing a circle the size I wanted for my pieces. Then I did an external offset of the circle in Studio. Taking the larger circle I filled it in with black. The original circle I filled in with my photo and then cut into pieces using the knife tool. Then I placed the pieces onto the black circle where I wanted them and grouped everything together.

Then I took a circle frame which had been a free weekly offering from Silhouette and modified it so that I had my scalloped circle. I then filled it with green color. Then it was simply doing a print and cut.

After cutting out my circle card base I edged it with Versa Magic"Gingerbread" chalk ink. I also edged the photo circle.

To give the scallop circle a little bit of interest I used Creative Medium Shimmer over it. The Shimmer is really subtle but the color doesn't look so flat.

I  took a black 3d Glaze pen and used it on the black printed parts of the photo circle. Because it was used on matte card stock instead of glossy the ink did not flow as well in a large area. But in this case it was alright as I got more of a distressed paint look for my faux window frame. To distress it a little more on purpose I colored over some of the  chalk ink on the edge.

I stamped the sentiment from a bird set by Fiskars on clear plastic using Stazon Timber Brown ink.   Then when it was dry I used a cosmetic wedge to apply Stazon Matte Glaze over it so the plastic was not shiny as well as to give it a little bit of protection. Alas I do not have clear Creative Medium yet so I adhered my sentiment with Creative Medium Shimmer. It looks a little frosty but I don't think it detracts as much as if I had stamped the sentiment on tissue paper or card stock.

I really think the Creative Medium is the way to go when adhering things that regular adhesive would otherwise show through. I am so thankful that Roni at Inkstains with Roni introduced me to this product. It may look expensive but believe me a little bit goes a long way.

There you have my challenge to myself to try a sketch as well as my play using some products which are new to me.

That is all for now. Thank you for stopping by and if you are interested you still have time to create something for the Just Add Ink challenge this week.  Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Gelli Print And Tissue Paper Experiment Butterfly Cards

Hi readers! I hope if you are living in a part of the country which is having a heat wave right now that you are staying cool. I can take the heat but right now it is the humidity which is killing me. Today also I noticed that the area is really smokey which means there must be fires burning somewhere near. Unfortunately because my craft room gets so hot and a fan blows everything around it is not conductive to crafting. However, this week I did turn the fan off long enough to do some experimenting with my gelli plate. Today I went ahead and turned it off long enough to make two cards.
First I decided to see if I could use wax paper on the gelli plate. I found out that although I cut out my shapes first with my Cameo that the butterflies curled when I took them off the plate. Next time I'll pull  the prints first on wax paper and then cut out with my Cameo. The frame panel the butterfly is on is wax paper and did not curl as bad. Unfortunately the photo does not show the shimmer on it from metallic paint.

The background is a print I pulled and used large bubble wrap on it.  The butterfly was one left over cut out of card stock. I used the grunge technique. The paint was dry on my plate so I brushed over it with acrylic ink then pulled the butterfly. I used 3d paint for the body and jute for the antennae. Then pop dotted it onto the wax paper panel.

I misted white tissue paper with color sprays I made using alcohol ink and water.  I let the paper air dry and then stamped with Ranger's Jet Black Archival ink. If you do this you will want to use a waterproof ink so your stamping doesn't smear when you glue the tissue paper down on your project. Also be aware that the color will dry lighter. Of course if it is too light you can always spray again like I did.

The trim was made by cleaning my plate with packing tape after the paint had dried on it. Then I brushed Mint Perfect Pearl on the back to fill in places where there wasn't paint. I cut it with decorative scissors.

This card was done basically the same way. However, this time I used corrugated cardboard to get the texture on the background paper. The wax paper panel blended in more but I think I like the softer look of this card.  Today I got in the mail Stazon Timber Brown ink so decided to use that on the tissue paper.  I turned my scissors over to cut the decorative trim which hides the seam.

If you don't have a cutting machine you can still download the Silhouette Studio software and set the cut lines to print so you can out by hand. You can also create your own labels,tags ect. in Studio. If you are going to do more than set the print lines there is a little bit of a learning curve but a lot of the process is the same as in some of the graphic programs on the market.

If you don't have a gelli plate you can either make your own using gelatin or pull prints on a piece of glass or acrylic. The advantage to using the piece of glass is you don't have to worry about damaging it with something sharp.

Packing tape can also be used to make trim using glitter, Perfect Pearls or other shimmer powders, or painting by hand.

I encourage you to look around your house and see what you might have on hand which you can modify with paint, color sprays,stamping, etc. 

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Just Add Ink Shaker Challenge

Hi everyone I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Over at Just Add Ink there is a "Shaker" challenge this week. I have seen shaker cards but have only made one as part of a Stamping Up get together never one from scratch.  So into Studio I went and designed a card base with a cut out butterfly. Because as you know I love butterflies.This is my entry in the challenge.
After I cut out my card base I stamped the front using an Inkadinkado butterfly background stamp.  I was going to emboss with a white pearl embossing powder but there was Stazon ink left on the stamp and the liquid embossing dauber picked that color up. So although I had not planned to go purple purple is what I got. Which is alright because it was perfect for using the purple ribbon down the side.

 I don't know how other people make Shaker cards but I decided to cut a piece of plastic just a little larger than my opening. I cut out of card stock a panel the same size as the front of the card and glued the plastic on three sides to that. Filled my plastic panel with a large and finer glitter and then glued the top. To be on the safe side I then used packing tape all the way around the edges of the plastic. Glued my glitter filled  panel inside the card and added ribbon and my card was done.

If you have never made a "Shaker" card or used a "Shaker" technique on a layout I encourage you to do so. It is a fun element whether used on a card or on a scrapbook layout. Don't be afraid to try something new. Who knows you just might have a bit of fun along the way. :-) And that is what crafting is for me having fun.

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Just Add Ink Challenge

Hi everyone it took longer for me to find my Gelli plate round prints than to make this card. Silly prints were hiding in the file drawer along with some other papers I've made over the years. I really should be frugal and be using those papers in projects. Anyway I thought I would enter the Just Add Ink Challenge. Alas by the time you read this post the challenge will probably be over. I just found out about it today and for those who know me you know I would rather be crafting than doing housework.

Here is the sketch for the challenge:
Here is my card:
The first thing you will notice is that I rotated the sketch counterclockwise. Also since I was using a round gelli plate print I brought the paper all the way to the edge. This is a print I pulled on ledger paper. I decided since I have a ton of it that an office worker was going to throw in the trash to see how it would work pulling prints. To me it doesn't seem to be any heavier than copy paper but for some reason it doesn't have the tendency to buckle like copy paper does when it gets wet with paint. I took four strands of variegated crochet thread for my bow. The thinking of you stamp is a G Studio stamp bought for a dollar at WalMart. I used Stazon Cactus Green ink to stamp with. Then colored with colored pencils. Then I used Scribbles Dimensional fabric paint for the centers of the flowers.There you have it my quick challenge card.

If you pull prints on a gelli plate what papers do you use? Do you like to enter challenges?

Back to cleaning and organizing my craft room. It seems to be an ongoing project. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Hero Arts One Layer Challenge Entry

Hi readers, over at Hero Arts there is a one layer challenge for making a card. Embellishments are allowed and one Hero Arts stamp must be used. The details can be found here One layer challenge.

Here is the card I created for the challenge.
 Supplies used:
Canson Acrylic Card Stock
Cameo Cutting Machine
Apple Barrel China Blue and Ivory Acrylic Paint
Sea Sponge
Plastic Wrap and Large Bubble wrap
Hero Arts Poppy Background CG 140
Rangers Archival Black Ink and Stazon Teal Blue
Fine tip Sharpie Permanent Markers
Dover Sampler Image
Creative Medium Vintage
Cosmetic Sponge
American Crafts Micro beads
Scrapbooking Alphabet stickers
Hero Arts Antique Gold Embossing Powder (this is antique as I think I bought it back in the 90's)
Butterfly sticker (brand unknown)

First I cut out my card base. Then I sponged on the paint. While the paint was wet I laid plastic wrap over it and then removed it and laid large bubble wrap on top of the paint. This added texture to the card stock which already had some texture to it. When the paint was dry I first inked the stamped with the black and stamped on a piece of copy paper. Then inked with the teal blue and stamped on my card front. Then I inked once again with the teal blue and stamped again giving me a wonderful double stamped image.

I colored the flowers with a couple of yellow Sharpies and the stems with a couple of greens. When I was done coloring I adhered the print and cut image with Creative Medium. When that was dry I took my cosmetic sponge and sponged the Vintage Creative Medium over the entire front. Then I mixed on a craft mat Creative Medium and the micro beads together and applied that mixture to the center of two of the flowers.

I have had the alphabet stickers for years. I don't usually use them as I bought the pack for one particular color but usually don't use blue or pink. I decided to see if I could heat emboss them. After I adhered the letters I added the butterfly and the card was done.
Closeup of micro beads and coloring I love how it worked mixing the micro beads into a little bit of Creative Medium. It was easy to then transfer with a tiny spatula left over from the days when I demoed cosmetics. I can't wait to do this with the Shimmer but for this project the Vintage was perfect.

I hope that my friend I made this card for will like it. It was fun to challenge myself to make some single layer cards.

My frugal tip is to get out those stickers especially the alphabet ones you don't use because they are mismatched and do something with them. Heat emboss them,paint them,stamp on them or even use them as a stencil. Don't let them linger in a drawer.

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Acrylic Paint Poppy Card

Good Day!

Hero Arts is having a one layer card challenge. I decided to challenge myself to see what I could do. This is my prototype Now that I know this technique works with this stamp I will be making a card for the challenge.The card will be a little different. The challenge is open until sometime in August. You can get details on their blog.
I started out by drawing a circle in Studio and duplicating and welding to make my card. I then cut off the bottom of the circle. Once I got my card base done the fun began.

With the card base opened I sponged heavily Folk Art metallic aqua and China Blue paint made by a different company. I'm too lazy to go see what company. Then I wrinkled up plastic wrap and placed it in the wet paint. I let it sit for a minute but you don't want the plastic wrap to sit too long in acrylic paint or you will be lifting up the paint when you remove the plastic. I love the texture that resulted. You can also get some neat results using different sizes of bubbles bubble wrap.

Once the paint was dried I inked up Hero Arts Poppy Background. I had bought the stamp this Spring on sale but never used it. Alas it looks like the stamp may have already been discontinued even though it came out in 2012.  I used Teal Blue Stazon ink. The background of the stamp is actually smooth with the flowers and stem cut in like an linoleum print block.  The texture from the paint turned the background into something more interesting. Some stamps would probably work better than other stamps for stamping over your textured background. Sometimes it is trial and error to see what works. Of course you could always carve in a potato and make your own stamp if you don't mind sacrificing one.

The lovely lady is a Dover sample.  I took her into a graphic program and converted her from black and white to Sepia.  After she was converted to a cutting file I printed her on copy paper and let my machine go to work cutting her out. I glued her down with a generous amount of Vintage Creative Medium.  Then when she was dry I coated the whole card front with the Creative Medium using a cosmetic sponge. I am pleased
the way she looks like she was printed on the background.

I decided to go and edge where it was blank as the stamp is smaller than my circle with a gold Painters marker.  I had thought of edging the whole circle but decided not to.

Have you used acrylic paint on a card front? I spend less than a dollar on bottles of craft paint and can get the color I want when crafting instead of having to have a bunch of different colors of card stock. The paints last a long time and dare I confess that some bottles of paint I've had for over ten years and they are still good.

The sunshine is calling so I'm off to play in the sun. Thanks for stopping by. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!