Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Altered Cards Week 8

Hi everyone! I can't believe that we are already in week 8 for the altered card challenge. What a fun challenge this has been. This week the theme is love and Claudine broke out the gelatos and watercolors. Well I discovered that it has been so long since I used my tube watercolors that most of them were dried out. I will have to open up the tubes and put the dried pieces in  containers to re-hydrate them. I also found a tube of texture medium from a couple of decades ago so decided to experiment.

Here are Claudine's cards:

 Here is what I came up with:

Here is my experiment with the texture medium. Instead of using gesso as the base for this card I applied the texture medium. I love how it ended up cracking in places I also took a dried up ink pen and used the point to draw my heart. Promise no laughing about my drawing of the heart.

Like Claudine I took out my gelatos and scribbled and then sprayed water. I then took a bristle brush like you would paint trim with and brushed over my colors blending them in.  I also used a gelato to color in the heart. I then like Claudine used a black oil pastel to outline the heart smudging it. I was not totally satisified with the look though so went back outlined with a black glaze pen.  I played around with using a tag with love like she did but didn't like how it was looking.  I even tried writing on ribbon but it was no go. I then tried to stamp a heart  inside but my ink was too light of a color.. I finally took a piece of wide ribbon and stamped on the wrong side of the ribbon using Stazon ink. Then cut out the heart.

If you saw my handwriting you would know why I decided to use a stamp instead. I was afraid I would not get a clear stamp stamping directly so I used a piece of plastic.Alas my black archival ink does not work  on plastic. I didn't like the brown Stazon and the purple blended in to much  so I ended up using the teal blue. I used a dab of white glue on each of the corners of the plastic and you really have to look hard to see the glue. I thought stamping on paper would be too intrusive. This way you can see the delightful texture and colors.

When I saw the theme was love and hearts I thought this card would be perfect to use. During week one while preparing my cards for the challenge I had experimented with gesso  and stencils. I love how using a stencil with lots of hearts turned out.

As I said my tube water colors were dried up. I did manage to find a Vermilion, Prussian Blue, and a Peridot  metallic one that was not. After adding water to the paints I brushed on and dripped I have never dripped water colors before but love the way the colors blended.

Recently I was going through a box of craft things and there was a green corrugated box I bought at a thrift store for a quarter..  I cut my heart out of that. Lol as you can see I can cut hearts out better than draw them. I used the leftover Peridot paint to soften the color and give it more of a metallic look. The love is printed using my label maker and clear tape.  Taking a piece of black paper from the inside of a page protector I cut out my circle using a die. I then took my black glaze pen and did my stitching. Lol! some of the stitches are crooked but if I was stitching by hand it would be the same way. I also edged the card with black archival ink but it does't really show up in the picture.

One thing about doing this challenge is it gives me ideas for doing regular greeting cards. Also it gets me using supplies that otherwise might be gathering dust or like the water colors deteriorating. Luckily unlike acrylics or oils they can be revived.

Thank you for stopping by. I'm off to make more Christmas cards which are in the works. I would like to get a box full mailed out next week for the Caring Hearts Card Drive.

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pop Up Christmas Tree Card

Hi everyone! Recently I was through a cardmaking book before I took it back to the library and there was a popup Christmas tree card. I'm looking at the card and I start to think that it is deja vue. Yes, it sure was as I made a popup Christmas tree card back in 2012, Of course I had to go back to my blog post to see who created the cutting file. I made some changes to the file but the original file was done by Debbi the owner of Paper Pulse. I decided to do the front of my card along the lines of the card done in the book.

I could not find my Christmas cardstock not that I had that much of it to begin wish so I used digital pattern paper from a cajoline collection. The colors looked red in my software but when I printed it was a different story. My lighting is terrible in my craft room. I also thought I had a red color paper to cut out the poinsettia but that was not the case. I used my yellow glaze pen to make a center in the poinsettia.

I figured out how to move the tree down so that I could add a star on top. It took me some doing but after releasing compound path I was able to copy the tree so that I could change fold lines into solid lines. Then it took me tracing that tree so that I could separate the pieces.I wanted to emboss just the tree part not the whole panel. I must have accidentally resized the tree when I moved it down as my embossed pieces were smaller.  I embossed using a retired Sizzix ornament folder. After embossing I rubbed  a light amount of  Inka Gold over the tree strips. It doesn't really show in the photo. Do you think it would be too much if I added presents on both sides like the card in the book? Or would you leave it like this and maybe add a sentiment on the right hand side?

 I'm thinking next time I  make this card I might emboss some pattern paper. Since this card goes together so quickly and is not bulky I thought it might be fun to make some for the  Caring Hearts Card Drive. Do you like to make popup cards?

Well tomorrow is another altered card challenge. Once again I'm totally clueless about what it might be. Thank you for stopping by and Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Pretty In Pink Christmas Card

Hi everyone I thought I would share a Christmas card today. You may remember I was playing with the template that Jenn Mason shared on episode 401 at .I had replaced the flowers with a maple leaf. This time I decided to replace them with a Christmas tree and stars. I didn't like the way the ribbon was attached to close the card so I changed that on this card. I don't normally craft in pink but I don't have a lot of double sided cardstock. When I saw this pink the diagonals reminded me of candy canes. Also I just happened to have ribbon that coordinated with it. The ribbon had caught my eye in a clearance bin and although I didn't know what I was going to do with it I bought it.
Originally I was going to make a loop of ribbon and put a button which had a star on top to close the card. However when I saw this ribbon I decided to put a border on both sides with ribbon pulled through to make ties. My border was too wide so I cut it narrower and it still was too wide so I decided to glue the straight edge as well as put the ribbon through on that side. The trees and stars are cut out of scrap paper. As is the border pieces. The tree, stars, and border are all Silhouette cutting files.
Opps! I forgot that when the card was opened it would show where I adhered the ribbon on the left hand side. Gem ribbon to the rescue.

I had cut the piece for inside the card too small as the tree is taller than the flower in the original file. Instead of cutting a larger piece or even using something else I decided to forget putting an extra piece inside. Instead I glued down the tree frame which was left over from cutting the front and then glued in the middle piece. For the star on top I cut out a small star and glued on the frame. Later on I'll stamp a sentiment inside where it won't show when the card is closed.

There you have it my pretty in pink Christmas card. I hope the person I send this to will love it. I may even make some more now that I have the file made up. I plan to be sending cards for the Caring Hearts Card Drive. Details about that drive can be found here:

Thank you for stopping by. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Children Card

Yesterday was a rainy day so after going thrift store shopping I worked in Silhouette Studio designing cards. I saw the cute Pilgrim children image in my stash of digital images and although it is really low resolution I decided to go ahead and use it.
The background paper was an experiment which was a dud. I think I should have tried it with a darker tea. I took tea leaves and sprinkled them on the paper and then sprayed with a color mist I made using butterscotch alcohol ink on a scrap of vanilla cardstock. If you look carefully you might be able to see where the tea leaves were. When the cardstock was dried I heat embossed using a hero art stamp.  Then painted the leaves with metallic watercolor.  I had to use two different pumpkin files to create my pumpkin in Silhouette Studio for my sentiment. By combining and filling in with color I was able to create a print and cut pumpkin. LOL! I'm too cheap to spend a dollar on a file in the  Silhouette Store. Three years ago I scanned in the sheet music to use on a Thanksgiving card. After Cameron cut out the sheet music and pilgrim children I went ahead and edged them with Vintage Photo Distress ink.  I used adhesive foam squares to adhere the children..

Another experiment which was a dud was trying to make frost background paper. Don't know when the book was written but it must have been before frost free freezers were in use. I didn't even get ice crystals to form using plain water. Guess I'll have to wait until cold weather when I can put my painted paper outside.

Have you tried any experiments? If so were they duds or were they successful?

Off to listen to music and craft some more. Talking about music did you know that most libraries have CD's you can borrow? This is a great way to listen to different types of music and artist s without putting out the money for a CD only to discover that you don't like the music.

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Altered Cards Week 7

Hi everyone it is Monday and that means a new Altered Card challenge has begun. By the way just because it is week seven doesn't mean you can't join us.  Feel free to jump in and join the fun.

This week the theme is sea. It was only when I finished my cards that I remembered I have some fish and ocean stamps. I sort of did my cards along the line of how Claudine did hers.
Here are mine:
I decided to use a card that I had played with adding laundry bluing to gesso. I did mask off the bottom of the card with painter's tape and apply Broken China Distress ink to the top. The ship is a Dover Sampler image which I applied Vintage Creative Medium over. I didn't have the paper that Claudine stamped her sentiment on. After stamping with Black Archival ink I used tea dye and antique linen distress ink. to color my white copy paper. You would think that I would have had an anchor image in my tons of images but I had to go looking online for a free image. I colored with metallic color pencils. I saw a piece of embossed wallpaper on my desk. I decided to cut out what looked like rope. Then I painted it with Wild Honey Distress paint.

The background for this card I had applied gesso and then placed bubble wrap on top.  I painted it with Broken China Distress Paint and spritzed some Splash Mister Huey on top. I didn't have a bubbles embossing folder so I used a Existencil Shell stencil. to emboss my plastic. I applied Shimmer Creative Medium to my card and then put my embossed plastic down. Shhhh! Don't tell anyone that I accidentally put the plastic down with the debossed side up. I cut the leaves with my Cameo and then colored them with Distress paint and Distress ink.  I attached them to the plastic with a clear Zot. The sea horse was part of a Dover Sampler image. After I did a print and cut I colored with  Distress Paint. Argh! I went to use my crackle distress paint and it was dried up. To give texture I used Glossy Glazon and while wet placed a crinkled plastic bag in the wet medium. He is pop dotted . I decided since the plastic was so pretty to not use a sentiment.

If you have not tried embossing with stencils and you have an embossing machine you might want to give it a go. You will need to use an embossing mat with your machine

That's all folks! I have several projects in the works so hopefully I'll be crafting and posting some more real soon. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Owl Always #2

It has been a rainy day so a good day to play and experiment. This time I decided to print my photo on watercolor paper. I bought an off brand watercolor paper on sale and it is awful so like the grey cardstock I accidentally bought I'm trying to use it up. From now on although it may be more expensive I'm going with a known brand.

I was having so much fun with the owl that I decided to make one more card using the owl and moon. Nothing says you can't use the same images and if they are already traced for print and cut you might as well.
The image on the left is the original photo printed on watercolor paper. The one on the right is colored with watercolor pencils and a wet brush. also printed on watercolor paper. Because it is printed with an inkjet printer the ink bleeds giving I think a nice watercolor look. My brush was a little wetter than it should have been when I first started on the right hand corner with my pink.  The yellow I used didn't really show up. Besides using a wet watercolor pencil and then brushing water over I also used just clear water in places. You want to continually rinse your brush out as it will pick up some of the inkjet ink. Otherwise you will end up with a muddy mess. LOL! Although that might be what you are after. 

I took Forest Green Stazon ink and a cosmetic sponge to paint the border on the card base. Alas the ink pad was pretty dry so time to order reinker. I then took Cactus Green Stazon ink. The two inks did give a nice mottled look. I used silver and black ink to edge the panel. After it was adhered to the card base I then went back and drew a fine line around the panel  on three sides with a green glaze pen. The moon and the owl were embellished exactly the same way as in the previous post.  I really love the way that the Dimensional Magic adds to the owl's eyes. This time I did put my sentiment on a piece of scrap cardstock left over from cutting out the base for the previous card.

There you have it a way to turn a photo or image into a faux watercolor without using expensive software. Later on I'll be using this technique with some floral photos I've taken over the years. In the meantime my craft area is begging me to clean it up and organize more. Who knows what treasures I may find. I already found some stamps that have never seen the light of day.

Do you use watercolor paper and is there a particular brand that you prefer to use? By the way even if you don't use this technique watercolor paper gives a nice texture to the image you print on it. Of course if you know me you know that I like to add texture and dimension to my cards.

Once again I don't know what supplies or what the theme will be for altered cards so you will have to come back next week to see what I do. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Owl Always

Hi everyone I'm having beautiful weather but alas the rain is suppose to come next week. I took some time to flip through a book I checked out of the library about creating decorative papers. One of the first examples was a photo printed on photo paper and then oil pastels and water was used to give it a watercolor look. That got me to thinking if I could color a portion of a photo that way. Well the cleaning and organizing fairy has not shown up and alas my oil pastels have gone AWOL I. I decided to try gelatos. It was a good thing I printed out two copies as the first time my brush was too wet and it was a mess. Here is the card I came up with.
The background is a photo I took while camping. I was in a hammock looking up through the trees. Since I decided my owl probably would not be out during the day I decided to turn the sky into sunset. I love how the gelatos are transparent so that the details of the trees shows through.

The owl is the same image I used on my altered card. I cut the tree off the image where the bat was hanging and flipped him so he is facing the other way. I used glaze pens for the beak and claws. Then once again I used Dimensional Magic for the eyes. I love the dimension it gives. I don't remember who showed me this trick but I used my tape runner to adhere the lower part and a foam dot for the head.

I copied the owl with the moon and then sized him large enough so I could crop the moon portion into a circle shape. I didn't clean the brush well enough from applying the gelatos on the photo when I went to paint Champagne color on the moon I got some of that color. I love though how it looks. The moon is pop dotted. I think I've mentioned before that I hold stock in the company that makes those adhesive foam squares and circles. LOL!

Since I don't have a sentiment stamp with this sentiment. As well as I'm too lazy to piece together cut out letters I used my Brothers Label machine. After I printed out the sentiment I brushed matte Glazon over the tape to cut down on the shine and make the label more transparent.

I must confess that I haven't been mailing cards out the last couple of months. I was mailing out three or four cards a month for no reason at all to people. I hope the person who gets this card will like it.

I'm off to look more through the library books. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!