Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Altered Playing Cards Week 17

Hi everyone. We are now in week 17 of the altered playing card challenge. I don't know what I will do when the challenge is over as this has been a fun way for me to play and experiment. As well as bringing out and using products that haven't been used in awhile or perhaps never even opened.

The theme this week is birds and the technique is using Distress Paint. Luckily I do have a set of bird stamps and I did last year buy some Distress Paint which I've been playing with. Although the one color had not been opened up yet. I love Claudine's cards but decided to not do so many things because of the bird images. I also decided to use the word stamps that came with the bird set.

Here are Claudine cards:
I really had fun making my cards and here they are.
On the one card Claudine used black embossing paste. I figured since I had played with using gesso and moulding paste with a stencil on this card previously to use this one.  I daubed two colors of Distress Paint onto my mat and misted the paint with water. Then I went ahead and misted my card. Then I dragged my card through the paint on the mat. I took a paper towel to dab paint off the moulding paste shapes. I stamped my bird and cut it out. Then I used glaze pens for the eye and the beak. I used a colored pencil for the nest. I took wrapping tissue paper and daubed Distress paint on it and then spritzed it with water. I then took my heat gun to dry it which crinkled the paper up. I stamped on  the tissue paper with black ink and then tore the word out and applied it to the card using Zig two way glue.

I'm not really a pink person and after choosing this bird stamp I decided to go with the honey and spiced marmalade distress paints.  I had stamped and cut out just the bird and was going to put the bird on top of the stamped image on the card but I like how the stamped image turned out so changed my mind. I used Timber Brown Stazon ink to stamp with.  Claudine used a bottle cap to stamp with on one of her cards and I decided to use some Scribbles fabric paint I have. I took the cap from the paint to use as my stamp and squeezed a little bit of paint onto my mat to dip the cap into. I first used the yellow paint but it was too light. The orange paint had never been open.  I didn't realize until I stamped that the paint actually has glitter in it. After the paint was dry I went ahead and used my orange glaze pen and drew inside of my circle. Once again I used glaze pens to color the beak and to add an eye. With Stazon ink I stamped on clear plastic and cut out the word. Then adhered it with Zig two way glue. You really have to look to see where the glue was applied. If you are going to stamp on clear plastic use an ink like Stazon. Also if you don't want a mess you need to use  a light touch when stamping. The first time my letters ended up blending all together.

I can't wait to see what next week's challenge is. Have you stamped on plastic? Have you used things around the house or in your craft room for stamps?

I'm not sure what I am going to do next but first my craft room is in need of a good cleaning and organizing. I think the cleaning/organizing fairy fell into a snow drift somewhere. Either that or she is trying to make her way through the slush. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. You better clean and organize before "inspection" again--LOL. I really like what you did. I'm a pink person and love your card.

  2. Love your little golden bird.

    If my craft room is clean and organized I have a tendency not to want to play and make it messy again. So messy for me works best.


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