Friday, November 2, 2012

Fun With Glue And Foil Butterfly Card

On Sizzix's blog there was a tutorial for making glue sheets using an embossing folder or texture plate so I decided to play with the technique. My first attempt came out good but alas when I spritzed homemade glimmer mist after I had removed it from the folder it stuck to the paper I had it on. Second attempt I squirted glue on the folder and then a few drops of  Wild Plum Ink. I used a plastic pan scraper to spread the glue evenly on the folder but an old credit card or foam brush would work. The color mixed in while I spread. It looked pastel pink until it dried.  Here is the card I made. (click to enlarge to see the beautiful detail of the embossing folder)
 I played with different things underneath the glue sheet and finally decided to go with crumpled foil which I glued to the front of the card base.  Then I used the white school glue I had used for the glue sheet and brushed it on the sheet. I goofed and put the glue on the wrong side but I think I like the debossed better.

The butterfly image is a print and cut. I have no idea where I got it from. I did take it into Photoshop to extract as much as I could of just the butterfly. I will confess that near the top of the butterfly I had to do a little hand cutting after Cameron cut it out. It is attached on top of the graphic with a 3d foam dot. I think it gives the illusion of being in motion.

There you have my glue sheet experiment. I do have a folder with words which is too large for the size cards I make and I am going to make a glue sheet with it and then cut the words apart to use. The glue sheet cuts nicely with scissors but I think my trimmer blade is dull as I've noticed lately that even card stock is not being cut cleanly.

If you don't mind having an embossing folder out of commission for a few hours I encourage you to try making a glue sheet. I used Elmer's glue but any non-tacky glue which dries clear would work. Hint: Spread the glue just thick enough to cover the embossing. If you start to gently peel it off and it is not easily coming off wait awhile longer. I found it was easiest to start peeling near the fold if using a folder.

Thank you for stopping by and do come back. I was going to make a card using a graphic that I will chalk with metallic chalk but alas my order of chalk arrived with the chalk broken. So that is on hold until my replacement chalk comes. In the meantime I do have some pearl water colors to play with. As well as I'm working on a card for the Silhouette Plus Card Challenge.

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again.


  1. Very pretty and I like all the different textures.

  2. Sounds like a fun technique. I like your butterfly. I hear Twisted Papers is back for downloadable images. I like their site. TFS.


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