Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thanks Card

Christmas is over for another year as far as most people are concerned. However, for me since Christmas is all year long you may if you chance to stop by hear Christmas music playing even during the heat of  July or August.

 I hope if you celebrate Christmas that you had a wonderful one. I was spoiled by my roommate. LOL! Which is probably why he gave me a lot of bath products with different scents. His mother and sister gave me a few crafting goodies. Then I had a surprise waiting for me at the Post Office. I know you might not believe this so I might have to take a picture of the box and some of the contents. Yes, as unbelievable as it may sound I received a box from the North Pole filled to the brim with crafting goodies. It was left at the Post Office on the 24th. My dogs were giving me a funny look as I unpacked the box and was jumping up and down in excitement. I'm sure they thought that I had drank a little too much hooch. O.K. I know you want me to get on with the post. Just had to share my excitement.

I was taught to write and mail thank you notes before I played or wore anything that was a gift. Although I verbally thank people who give me something or write an email to thank them I still make a point if I know their address to send a thank you note or card to them. That is just the way I am.

 Here is my first thank you card. I broke my rule about not using anything till the person is properly thanked because I was given the stickers and decorative tape.

My dear friend Alice Golden had an assortment of tags strung on scrap floss on a scrapbook layout and I really liked the look of it.(If you are stuck for inspiration check out her blog Golden Moments. She always seems to have ideas that can be used for other projects.) Although her tags were not all the same I decided to go with the same ones. This is the free tag file in Studio. My Cameo cut them out of a scrap of left over calligraphy paper. The letters were cut out of scrap card stock. The scrap floss (which is not really scrap) is by Karen Foster. I am so in love with this floss and it comes in so many scrumptious colors.

The dragonfly is a vinyl sticker that was in the sticker sheet. I love how it shimmers. I would have loved to have stuck it on card stock and cut around it so I could pop dot it but the Post Office is getting more fussy about having bumpy things on cards.

I used the Touch 'N' Slide daisy tape on a narrow piece of scrap card stock. Then I went and chalked over the tape with my green chalk to give more the impression that the daisies were growing in grass. 

Since the person who gave me the Touch 'N' Slide Decorative Tape Pen with the daisies tape probably won't be reading this I can tell you to skip it. In my honest opinion it is not worth the money. Although the tape cartridges are easy to change you are limited as far as getting designs. As well as limited as to the colors. Plus I had the experience of the tape tearing when I tried to apply it to card stock. I wasted a lot of the tape before I got a nice border. Now having said this let me say that I do appreciate the fact that I was given something different which I had never played with nor heard of before. It probably would be fine for children but not necessarily for someone who is serious about their crafting.

For me this is a better alternative. Although I don't know if I can chalk over the tape.Just for fun I used my warm wishes stamp with Stazon ink on clear tape. It works and you can have a personalized tape for less money. Especially if you have a lot of smaller size stamps like I do. I have not tried  marker stamps yet so I don't know if the marker ink would smear on the clear tape. The Stazon ink didn't smear at all. Now to find another craft yard sale where they are selling Stazon ink.

I will be using  tags on floss on another card which I hope to post next. Since I will be hand delivering the thank you card I'll use small clothespin which are in my stash.Alas when mailing cards they are not practical to use.I also will be busy playing with my new toys and I'm sure will be posting some projects using those. I think I can come up with some unique cards which can be mailed without paying extra and without the cards getting destroyed.

Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again! Just in case I don't get around to posting till the new year I want to wish you a Happy New Year! May 2013 be a year full of frugal crafting and fun.


  1. It sounds like you had a nice Christmas. Your box of goodies peaked my interest. Lucky you. I do like your thank you card. I send them out too. Happy New Year!

  2. Nice way of making a Thank You card. I'll have to borrow this idea, if you don't mind. Okay, fess up, what sort of goodies was in that Dec 24th box. Inquiring (a nosy minds want to know.Wishing you and yours a wonderful New Year. xxx- Debbie

  3. Love this card. The tags worked really well as banners. Happy New Year. Yea....just what was in that box?

  4. Lovely card! and I hope you don't hold it against me for getting you hooked on Scrapper's Floss... I just love that stuff and have found so many uses for it... even used some once to tie up some plants growing on my front porch. :)


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