Saturday, December 29, 2012

Clothesline Thanks Card

O.K. I must confess I was having so much fun making this card that time got away from me. All of a sudden I looked at my watch and it was way past time for me to go take the dogs on a walk. No wonder poor JR had his legs crossed. I really couldn't help it though because I kept getting ideas and the card evolved from its bland conception into this unique card.

The card base is a deckle edge announcement card. The person this card is for gave me the blank cards as a gift. So being the frugal crafting person I am I have to use them even though usually I make standard size cards.

I knew I wanted to have dresses hung on a clothes line. Alas I could not find a dress template I had. Paper Crafting Connection came to the rescue with a cute little girl dress jpg. The back piece had the sleeves and then the front like a jumper. Originally I was going to cut the back out of rice paper but I discovered that it just won't cut with my Cameo. Oh well I will use it for something else. Then I found a scrap of pink vellum and I thought aha that would be perfect. The front is cut out of two different pieces of scrapbook paper. One  from Monet water lily scrapbook paper and the other from a sailboat paper. I cut the dresses out sideways and got these interesting patterns. It would be fun if a person had a lot of scraps to cut the dresses out of different papers. The person who is getting this card gave me the glitter alpha stickers. Usually I don't use stickers even though I must confess I have a bunch of alpha stickers in my stash.

I must confess I have had this embossing folder with clothes on a clothesline for ever and never used it. It came in a set which I bought for the other folders in it. I am reorganizing my embossing folders and when I saw it I thought why not emboss on card stock and then cut out. So the line with the clothes was cut out and I cut around the grass,basket,and poles. Since the folder was designed for a larger card I had to lop off the poles. I chalked the grass and basket. Then I heat embossed the poles. I tied the scrap floss to the poles and after gluing the panel down glued the clothespins down.The dresses are held on by the clothespins I didn't see a reason to glue them down. I will be hand delivering this card tomorrow so I could indulge myself by adding the clothes pins. I love them but alas they are not practical for cards which are mailed.For mailing a card you could use digital clothespins. (By the way this clothesline looks like the last one I owned. The cord had stretched due to the weight of clothes over time. Alas where I live now I am not allowed to hang my clothes out to dry. I miss not having a clothesline.)

There you have it my thank you card using the stickers and blank card that were a gift. Also after cutting out the embossed piece I am looking at my embossing folders in a new light. Thinking how I might emboss on card stock and just use part of what I emboss. Perhaps it is also time that I start using some of the alpha stickers I have. LOL!

O.K. I'm off to play with the Hot Boss Embossing tool that was in the package from the North Pole. I want to do something with it for another thank you card.

Thank you for stopping by. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again.

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  1. This is so cute! I love the way you used the tags and now the clothespins and dresses to create such a nice card. xxx-Debbie


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