Saturday, March 2, 2013

Wait! Don't Throw Out That Dryer Sheet

Sorry I have been gone for so long. My roommate is a really generous person and he decided to share the "Creeping Crud" with me. I have been in bed for two weeks and those who know me know that is just not me. Anyway until a couple of days ago I didn't even feel like crafting.

I have used dryers sheets before. Using colored glue and gluing wax paper on it. Gluing tissue paper on it,etc. But I never thought to use it as an overlay until I found a book called "Creative Foundations". In that book not only is the dryer sheet dyed and used as an overlay. It is also used as a ruffle and flowers made from it.  LOL! I also discovered leafing through the book where I went wrong when I tried to use acrylic paint to make a monoprint background. LOL! I still like how the background turned out and the dryer sheet softens it.

O.K. Without further ado here is the card fresh off the press.(Click image to enlarge)
For the background I painted acrylic paint on a acrylic plate for my Big Shot. I only had Holly Red,,Black and Pearl White. The rest of my acrylic paints are glitter paints. Unfortunately the white paint dried on the plate before I could even run the paper through my Big Shot. I used a scrap of parchment looking calligraphy paper. Still I like the way it turned out.

In another book on making paper mosaics there was a project using clear contact paper and paper squares. I decided  to go with thin triangles and circles. I cut my flower out with my Cameo. Then patiently attached the triangles and circles on the flower. Both the triangles and circles were cut out of scraps of paper.  I then brushed PVA glue tinted with alcohol ink lightly over to make sure that the shapes were down tight. It changed slightly the color of the circles and lightly tinted the contact paper. I didn't like the circles so went ahead and dabbed some Mandarin Orange Perfect Pearls thinned with water on the circles.

 The butterfly is one I was playing with using Perfect Pearls on photo paper. I went ahead and added some of the leftover Mandarin Orange on it. I also used brown for the body and antennae but for some reason it rubbed off. I cut a  piece of plastic from packaging into a narrow strip and folded it accordion style and then glued the butterfly down.

After playing with inks on scrap pieces of dryer sheet I ended up using my Memento Tuxedo Black Ink. It showed up the best. I also knew that I could glue down the dryer sheet without worry about the ink bleeding. Originally I was going to glue down the dryer sheet with my gel but I could not find it. I did however find Antique Decoupage medium by Royal Coats. LOL! And I think it is antique as my grandchildren weren't even born yet. It worked perfectly.

Thank you for stopping by and looking. Also thanks for leaving me some love. Happy March and Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. Your card is lovely. I really like the texture. As always, your work intrigues me because it's always something out of the ordinary.



  2. such a super pretty card!!!!!! Love all the texture! I hope you're feeling better by now! Hugs!



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