Monday, March 25, 2013

Pochoir Believe Card

Yea! The sun is shining today and I'm able to have my windows open letting in a fresh breeze. I heard today some unfamiliar bird calls so maybe Spring is finally here. The last couple of days I've been working on a Pochoir card. Cameron my trusty Silhouette got a real workout. After my threat of taking him to the thrift store next time I go he has been flawlessly cutting. :-) O.K. enough babbling and on with the crafting.
Pochoir for those who don't know is the technique of using multiple stencils. It was used in the early 1900's in France for hand-color fashion drawing. Mine is not elaborate as those but I used four stencils.

I used the "test" file from the Silhouette store. Yes,it really is named test in the store. Because it was a print and cut file I had to trace it to get the different layers. I could not get one layer of the flower to trace so decided to go more with the stencil look.  I decided to go with a 4x4 size so drew a rectangle that size for the panel I was stenciling on as well as for each part of the image. Since there are no registration marks like in normal multiple stencils it is important that your stencils and whatever you are stenciling on are all the same size. After cutting out all four stencils and my panel I had a little bit of a puzzle on my hands. I didn't keep the stencils all upright so didn't know how each one went. I finally figured it out but it might be helpful to mark before taking the stencils off which way is up and left and right. ;-)

I started by taking my gesso and adding liquid ink to it to get my color.I lined my 1st stencil and panel up. Then using my round stencil brush I started stamping down and up.  Make sure if you decide to do this to not have a lot of gesso mixture on the stencil brush or it will seep under the stencil. Wonder how I know that. Let dry and then add the second stencil and whatever color gesso you want to use. I added yellow paint to my mixture as the green wasn't the shade I wanted for the leaves. Cheap acrylic paint you can buy at a dollar store will work fine for tinting the gesso.

I wasn't thinking so after all the layers were done and dry I went ahead and chalked the background. I was able to wipe the chalk off the gesso areas where I had gotten some but  would recommend if you are going to do something to the background to do it first. Of course you can always do this on some pattern card stock. I also went and added a dab of orchid liquid pearl in the center of the flower.

I knew I wanted to use ribbon for the sentiment. The problem was I didn't have a color I liked. You would think with the ton of ribbon I have that I would have the right shade. Taking the liquid purple that I had used to color the gesso for the flower I made my own color mist. Then sprayed some off white grosgrain ribbon. Once it was dry I heat embossed with turquoise embossing powder. The stamps I used are from Fancy Pants Bella stamp set.

I am so excited!!! I just started today over at My Creative Classroom Catherine Scanlon's Artful Cards 2. There is still time to join in the fun. The registration is open until April something. I don't remember the final date to register.

 In case you have never checked it out My Creative Classroom has all kinds of classes and they are reasonably priced. They also have a few free classes. If you are looking for a frugal way to take classes go check them out. My Creative Classroom LOL! No they don't pay me to advertise for them.  I am just impressed with all that is offered as well as how helpful everyone is.

Thank you for stopping by. I'm off to watch more of the video lessons and then start on the homework. LOL! The homework is optional. Today's lesson is on embossing and she has some wonderful techniques she is teaching. Hope to have soon an embossed card to share.

 My Big Shot will finally be happy to be getting used again. ;-) I knew there was some reason last night that I reorganized my embossing folders. I also was thinking that I really needed to be dusting my Big Shot off.

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

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  1. You do give your gesso a workout don't you. Beautiful, beautiful work. I love the softness of it. Your ribbon is awesome too. I've taken a couple of classes from the same place. Great quality. I'm sure you're having fun.


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