Friday, March 15, 2013

Don't Throw Out That Old Phonebook

I don't know about your neck of wood but not too long ago we got new phone books. In fact we got one at home and one was in our Post Office Box. Guess the city wanted to make sure that we were covered. Well my roommate got out to the recycle bin the old phone books before I could stop him.

 I decided to use magazines for a card. Well I must have tossed the magazines when I was cleaning because all I could find was some craft magazines that I'm not ready to destroy yet. However, I was sorting through a box marked miscellaneous and there was a phone book from 1998. I had to laugh as that box has made now five moves and phone book has traveled across a couple of states. I decided to use it as collage for a card.

Here is my card:
After gluing the  pieces I had torn out of the phone book and gluing them down with gel medium I brushed some gesso over part of the panel. Once the gesso was dried I started brushing acrylic paint wash over everything and blotting with a paper towel in places like where it says FLOWERS,HAPPY,the sunrise, and the phrase GOOD FOR YOU.  I would let the wash dry and then brush on more I kept doing that until I had the color I wanted. I made the wash with thinned down gold paint,white pearl paint,and Stream alcohol ink. I then stamped flowers and the butterfly after the paint was dry.

I thought my purple ink was dried but alas it smeared when I was gluing the panel down to the front of the blank card. I think this purple ink is only good for heat embossing as I've had problems with it smearing before. As well as a couple of other pigment inks I bought by the same company. Since this is a shabby card to begin with I won't throw it away. And who knows someone may appreciate getting an artsy shabby card. LOL!

The focal image is from Dover and I turned it into a print and cut.  I really like this image.

Next time I think I'll use spray adhesive to adhere the pieces of paper from the phone book. Also I'll use a thicker paint and then dry brush off the excess paint so that it doesn't wrinkle so much.

What have you been working on? Has Spring come to your neck of the woods yet?

Thanks for stopping by and do come back. I'm actually dusting off my Big Shot to use for my next card. I had to play with it today as I could not remember how to emboss using a die with it.

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

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