Thursday, February 14, 2013

Stamping With Gesso And Folded Flower Card

Over at My Creative Classroom there is a free class called "Use Every Stamp 2013" as well as a blog by that same name where Jeri shows the stamps she is going to use on Monday and on Friday posts her projects. On the blog there are also posts with Give-A-Ways for a seat in one of the classes.  Also sometimes techniques are shown of how to do something.

Well for me it would be a piece of cake to use every single stamp I own as I don't have that many. However, I made it my challenge to use stamps more often. As well as to try new techniques.  I was watching a video where a woman was using gesso to stamp on transparency and that lead me to experiment.

Here is the card I made.(Click on image to enlarge)
I could not find my transparency so decided to experiment and see if it would work stamping on glossy photo paper. The consistency of the gesso was perfect for my first try. Alas,I ruined it when I went and stamped a sentiment on it.(Don't worry being the frugal person I am you will see it in a future project as I gessoed over the photo paper. I will be using it for a grunge card.) This one the gesso was a little too thick and in one section the paper stuck to the stamp pulling some of the gesso  off. I did color the gesso with Butterscotch alcohol ink which gave me the pale yellow before coating my stamp. Instead of throwing out my photo paper because the gesso image wasn't perfect I decided to go ahead and stamp with a green pigment ink using the same stamp. I love the shadow effect that resulted. I then took Seafoam chalk ink and using a facial tissue rubbed the ink over the paper in a circular motion.

O.K. Please don't laugh I flunked 101 paper folding. Of course I think it might have been easier if I would have cut the squares out of paper instead of double pattern card stock. Also if I would have had a video to watch instead of trying to follow written instruction. I have to admit that this is a one of a kind flower. Since one of my resolutions was to stop being a perfectionist when crafting I went ahead and used it instead of tossing it.

If you do decide to try stamping using gesso you want to make sure that it doesn't dry on your stamp. As soon as you stamp immediately go in and run water over your stamp. Because this was a detail stamp I also used a soft brush. If you stamp with paint it is the same thing. You want to immediately clean your rubber or clear stamps as otherwise you will ruin them.

Have you tried gesso? Have you tried any techniques with your stamps besides using ink? In what ways are you challenging yourself?

I must confess that my muse has left me.  Hopefully she will return soon as I need to make a masculine birthday card. At least while she has been gone I've gotten some much needed organizing done.

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. I love your original flower. It came out great! Along with your choice of colors...everything really "Pops"

  2. A lovely card Myoriah, you have a very creative talent.

  3. Your card turned out beautifully. I love your flower. Yes, I tried gesso. I hope you got it out of your stamp.


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