Sunday, May 3, 2015

Nurse Graduation Card

Hi everyone! First off I want to apologize for being gone so long.  I just have not had the energy for much these days. However my DIL will be getting pinned this month as a nurse so I knew I had to make her a graduation card. A store bought card just wouldn't do. Nor would one that took only fifteen minutes to make. For such a special occasion a special card was needed. Of course the ideas had to percolate in my brain for awhile.

After looking through lots of nursing clipart on the internet I decided to go with the cute nurse I found a couple of years ago when I made her a birthday card. This time instead of making a crepe paper rose I made a miniature ribbon rose for her corsage. What fun memories of my sixth grade teacher teaching me how to make them! My green ribbon shredded when I tried to make leaves for my corsage so it was airbrushing a grosgrain piece of ribbon. For me doing things in miniature is a little nerve wracking but at least I still have the dexterity and eye sight to do it. I also decided to use  brown colored pencils to give her hair more definition.

I decided to go with a panel from a Silhouette Christmas card cutting file. Who says you can't borrow parts from other cutting files for your creations. Then it was off to the internet to try to find a suitable pattern to fill the panel with. Alas I could not find a pattern in burgundy and gold which is the college colors. It is a good thing that blue is a neutral color. I decided to foil the sentiment on vellum to be placed over the panel. I messed up the first time foiling but I didn't like the color I had airbrushed the vellum with my background.  I decided to go with a blue instead since my vellum is a natural vellum which is a gray color. After my foiling and airbrushing was done it was time to take out my eBosser and a Spellbinder die to cut it out. By the way for those who wonder what I use to adhere vellum with a glue stick works nicely as long as you get an even coat. However, forget about buying glue sticks at a Dollar Tree. I ended up throwing them away as they were all dried out.

I was looking at the nurse and decided that the way her one arm and hand is it would be perfect to have her hold a balloon. I thought I had seen a balloon in the Studio library and sure enough I had a cutting file so I just needed to re-size and delete a piece. After filling in the balloon with color I added text.

Of course you know me I'm addicted to Dimensional Magic. The only thing I don't like is that it takes so long to dry.  The nurse,s glasses, the thermometer and the balloon all have Dimensional Magic on them. The balloon actually has two coats to make it more rounded looking. I airbrushed floss with a gold Sharpie for the string. Now I'm sporting gold fingers. ;-)

Of course you know me I almost never can do a card without using adhesive foam on something. So the nurse and balloon are both pop dotted on the card.

Hopefully you have stayed with me long enough to see the reveal of the card and I have not bored you to tears. :-) Drum roll please!
I hope she likes her card. I had fun making it for her and exercising my brain to come up with the idea.

Do you have any graduates you need to make cards for?

Today is a gorgeous day! I already took the boys out on one walk and will be going out again so crafting will be put on the back burner. I do need to make at least one card for Mother's day and get it in the mail.

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. You did a lovely job on the card. I am sure she will love it.

  2. Oh I love it. Every card I see of yours seems to be a favourite of mine. I know your DIL will love it.

  3. I have three graduates to make for, however, I'm getting ready to do a presentation on my 3rd great-grandfather in two weeks and my speech and hand-out are not quite done, so they may get a store-bought card instead. I'm a frugal crafter too along with Lindsay Weinrich. Have you heard of her? That's the cutest little nurse! Have a happy day!


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