Saturday, April 18, 2015

Deco Foil Stencil Card

Hi everyone I  am back again today with another card using Deco Foil by Therm O Web. I love that Deco Foil comes in all kinds of yummy colors. In fact I had a difficult time deciding what colors to buy. Also I want to mention to look to see how much is in the package. I noticed that the Deco Foil I bought at Michaels on clearance was only one 6 X 12 inch sheet for $3. The Deco Foil I bought online at Therm O Web was five sheets for $5. Yes, I had postage to pay but I was buying a lot so it paid to buy it online.

Although I've been under the weather I had to play with the Deco Foil adhesive when it arrived along with more sheets of Deco Foil.  My friend Alice said using the adhesive is a little tricky and on the background I did not get an even coat of glue. It was hard to see the glue on white card stock. The butterfly which I stenciled on black worked out a lot better. O. K. Enough yapping and drum roll please.

As you will notice the background has some places where there is no foil. I could have placed the stencil back on and applied more glue to fill those spots in but I decided to go with the shabby look.  The stencil is by Die Cuts With A View but I don't know the name. The template is 12 x 12 inches with four different patterns. This seems to be the pattern that gets used the most. Oh and don't ask me the difference between a template and a stencil because I don't know. To me a template is a drawing of pieces to cut for a project. I was trying this out on a piece of scrap card so it was not the exact length of my card base. Adhesive rhinestone trim to the rescue. This is made exclusively for Michaels but I'm sure other companies make similar trim. Oh and it was in the clearance bin for $1.  Lol! I have had to more selective going through the clearance bin but something like this trim I know I"ll use.

For the butterfly I squirted the glue in the holes and then used a brush to smooth it out. There were still places I did not get good coverage. For instance the face of the butterfly is solid but here the foil created what looks to me like a face. The glue did seep under the outside edge of the butterfly, For the most part I was pleased the way the butterfly turned out. The stencil I used is by Delta named butterflies. I"m not sure if the stencil is still available since I bought this one at a thrift store. Talking about thrift stores I just missed getting another Die Cuts With A View stencil this week as a woman spotted it in the bin before I did. The thrift store where I was buying arts and crafts supplies closed but this week I found another one.  It had one huge section just for arts and crafts supplies. Yes, I bought some craft things for me as well as for my grandchildren.

My Studio software even though it was used for another project which I hope to finish soon was feeling neglected. I decided to use it to do my sentiment in. I used the free hand feature to draw my path for my text.  I typed my text and then printed directly from Studio on vellum using my laser jet printer. Then applied my foil and ran it through the laminator. I wasn't sure how the vellum was going to work with heat from the printer as I've had some card stock curl when I have printed on it. The only thing I noticed is that some of the black shows on the lettering. The camera exaggerated that but in person you have to look really close.

The photo doesn't do this card justice as even with the flaws in the foiling it is gorgeous. I'm thinking if you could somehow tint the glue it would be easier on white card to see where the glue is or is not. I will definitely be using the glue with the butterflies stencil as well as some of  my other stencils like hearts and other simple shapes. I read on a blog where the woman used spray adhesive and will try that with detailed stencils like the one I used for the background. 

By the way just so you know Therm O Web is not paying me or supplying the Deco Foil I've been using. When I first heard about the product I wanted to try it and am glad that I did. It is reasonably priced and comes in a lots of colors. It can be used on a variety of surfaces and I'm planning at a latter date to do more experimenting on things other than paper. As well as to try out their foam adhesive and the heat adhesive for Deco Foil.

My craft room is calling me to come and clean it  up and I have pieces for a card cut out which want my attention.  I'm just trying to figure out the logistics of how I'm going to do the card.

I hope all is well with you and Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. Beautiful work with the foil. You can hardly tell there are bare spots that you pointed out. The butterfly turned out beautifully.


  2. Lovely card. The foil is really pretty. Wish we were closer so you could teach me all your tricks. :)


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