Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Couple Of Gift Bags

Hi everyone! It is getting down to the wire so I will keep this short. I'm making gift bags these days. Now that I have the hang of it is going faster. I figure the gift bags may get reused while the wrapping paper will end up in the trash. The files I've used for these are from SVG Cuts. I made the large and the medium bag. The medium bag is the perfect size for ornaments and I actually was able to put a book in the large bag. I haven't yet made the snowman bag but that is on my ever growing to do list.
Sorry about the air conditioning cord down the middle of the blue bag. It keeps falling off the top of the air conditioner.

The large bag takes four sheets of 12 x 12 and one sheet for the trim. I don't really have a lot of 12 x 12 in bulk so I have to do with what I have. It works out because blue is Ali's favorite color. Plus the bird I found in my stash has blue. The trim is called Men's tie and I bought the paper pack with it a long time ago at Big Lots.

 I painted Extreme Glitter Peridot on the leaves and used red glitter paint on the berries. The photo doesn't do it justice. Then I pop dotted it on the bag.

I was going to use this bag for a book for my Bug but it is too small. However, it is perfect for putting an ornament in. I embossed my card stock with a Teresa Collins letter size embossing folder. I don't know the name but it came with my electric machine. I was going to use a Sizzix embossing folder but it was too small. I have to admit that I do love the letter size embossing folders and hope to pick more up. Maybe if I'm a good girl Santa will bring me some.

The angel was also a left over. I used Extreme Glitter Hologram on the wings and the butterfly. I brushed gold glitter glue on her hair. I didn't want to cover the detail and have found that brushing glitter glue gives you a hint of glitter without covering up a lot of detail.

Gift bags are great for anytime of the year and there is so many ways you can decorate them.. My next medium bag I'll fold a doily over the top and put another bird print and cut on it.

Thank you for stopping by and looking. I'm off to hand deliver my paper circle ornaments. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. Wow, how cute are these? Well worth the work and they will be cherished I am sure.
    What a cute face on your little angel. I love your bell and bird.
    You really have been a busy little elf.

  2. Wow, you made your own bags. Bravo. That is something I never did and I have hoards of 12 x 12. Your glitter shows up beautifully. I know these will be well received.


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