Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Stencil Play Friend Card

Hi everyone hope you are having a good week. I had the chance yesterday to take a break and go to the ocean. While there I stopped in my favorite scrapbook store and ended up buying a couple of stencils. The one I used on this card was on sale. I love houndstooth and knew when I saw the stencil that I just had to have it. I also bought some Sweet Memories dimensional stickers at a dollar store. It is always fun to go to different stores because they all don't have the same thing. On the way home I stopped at Michaels because I figured they would have black gesso but ended up buying instead metallic acrylic paint with my 40% off coupon. Which I also used on this card. :-) Oh you want to see the card. O.K. here it is:
I used blue metallic paint for the houndstooth background. I love how it turned out. I thought of dusting the back of the dimensional sticker with powder so it wouldn't be sticky and then adding foam to pop it up off the background but then decided to just lay it down flat. I was going to heat emboss on the ribbon but the embossing powder was in places I didn't want it to be. I think it is the brand of embossing powder as I've had that problem in the past. with it clinging to places I don't want it. I then decided since I liked the ribbon to stamp on cardstock to layer on top. I chose the Seafoam chalk ink because the color matches the gem.

There you have it my quick and fun card. I was surprised at how fast the metallic paint dries. I am looking forward to having more fun with it.

Thank you for stopping by and do come back. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again.


  1. Very pretty! I can see the pretty shine in the metallic paint you used and the dimensional flowers look like a lovely vase filled with flowers.

  2. Myoriah
    Wow, what a great card. Your flowers are so life like.


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