Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 5 Resist Technique

This was my first attempt. I didn't have a stencil so I cut one out of contact paper. I left the backing on and discovered it would have been better if I would have taken the backing off and used the sticky side to adhere temporarily to my card stock. When I took the stencil off the gel that had seeped underneath stuck the stencil to the card stock tearing the card stock. I salvaged as much as I could as I did like the result.

I had left over colored gesso from playing with another resist technique so I painted the window panel that Cameron(my Cameo) cut out. After it was dried I embossed and sanded to distress it. Alas with this embossing folder there is for some reason a tendency for it to tear in one area where it is embossed. Even taking it out of the folder without sanding it. :-( LOL! Maybe that is why it is retired. 

The butterflies are stickers which I mounted on card stock and cut around so I could pop dot them. The large one hides the tear in the frame and the small one hides the small tear in the resist panel. I thought this resist panel was too pretty to trash instead of using.

I forgot that light colored inks did not work with my stamp. Not wanting to go with black and not having a lot of dark colored inks I went with a purple ink I bought for a $1 which is usually too juicy. I love how my scalloped die was perfect for using with this stamp.

When I saw the narrow ribbon on my ribbon rack I decided to weave it around the die cut shape. I think I'm going to have to buy more super narrow ribbon  as I love the result. Luckily there is still two shelves for more ribbon.

I had so much fun playing with this technique yesterday and using different media. I like the crackle paint the best and will be sharing a card here as soon as I decide what I want to do with it.

Another week is here and it is week 2 of the class I'm taking. Cameron is going to be getting a real workout cutting stencils for today's homework. Luckily my nearest dollar store had rolls of  clear contact paper. Now when I see a dollar store with it I'll definitely buy it.

Thank you for stopping by and do come back. Also thank you for those who leave comments I really appreciate it.

Happy April Fools! Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. Myoriah
    Lovely card. That is what embellishments are for cover up the little boo boos we make. :)
    You are certainly making some lovely things from your class.

  2. Wow, it's a good thing I read all you write because I feel I would miss so much. For example, the woven ribbon. And of course those pesky tears. LOL. Beautiful card. Can't wait to see more of your homework.


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