Friday, April 5, 2013

Magnet Card

One of our class assignments was to make a card with a clay magnet embellishment that we stamped on. This is the card I came up with.
For the background paper I lightly brushed tinted gesso over a scrap of pattern card stock. When it dried I stamped it in a random direction with my heart stamp. I used part of a Bic magnet that I bought over a decade ago  when I was making my own magnets. It is a flat rubberize magnet which is perfect for on a card. The best part of the magnets too are that they really stick.

I'm not sure I like the orange I used but I thought since there is orange in the pattern to go with it. Perhaps I should have used part of a lighter orange color and the same with the yellow.

Thank you for looking and leaving comments. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting until we meet again!.


  1. A card and a gift. Who wouldn't love this. You did a great job on both.

  2. Awesome. The orange does match the paper so it goes well. I love orange anyways. Great way to embellish.


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