Saturday, April 13, 2013

Experiment Wax Resist and Heat Embossing Card

I saw in a library book which I need to return a beautiful background for a card using wax paper to make a resist. I wasn't sure if the wax resist would work with heat embossing so decided to experiment.

 Like usual there are a few things I would have done differently. I'm thinking the bird might have been better with silver embossing instead of the copper. I really need to get some black embossing powder if I'm going to use this image and sentiment together again. Also I wish I had put the butterfly up just a little higher.

Yes,Beth I used that gray cardstock for this. LOL! To make the background I took a piece of wax paper and crumpled it up and then smoothed it out. I placed copy paper down on my work surface which is heat resistant and then placed my cardstock panel down. On top of that I placed the wax paper and another sheet of copy paper. Then I took my trusty iron set at the cotton setting with no steam. (The only time the iron sees  action is for crafting. LOL!) I ironed over my paper sandwich until the pattern appeared on the top sheet of copy paper. Be sure and save the copy paper when you are done as you will have some beautiful pattern paper which you can leave as is or use chalks or ink over. By the way for those who have embossing machines you can emboss your wax paper and then do the same thing.

In my play I discovered that you can stamp first and then do the wax paper resist. If you heat emboss you will want to do the wax paper and then your heat embossing. If you stamp after doing the wax paper resist you will need to use an ink like Stazon.  Like I did here for the butterfly.

After messing up four times stamping the sentiment I decided to stamp first. The sentiment and bird  are from a jumbo stamp set. I did some masking of the bird and stamped just part of the bird. After heat embossing the bird I first used Memento ink to color the bird but didn't like it. So I then used chalk on the bird. I used a gel pen for the eye. I used colored pencils on the butterfly.

After I was done with my chalking and coloring of images I then used chalk ink on the background. I wasn't pleased with it colorwise so went back and rubbed chalk over everything. I discovered while I was experimenting that a white eraser will erase dye ink if you get it where you don't want it. It will also erase chalk which I knew as well as the chalk ink.

I made it a goal to play for at least fifteen minutes a day but didn't get around to it yesterday. I decided to make it thirty minutes today but was having so much fun experimenting that time got away from me. That is alright though because now I'm ready to do more sorting and deciding what things I want to sell or donate.

I'm off to purge and sort but don't worry I'll be back with more projects. In the meantime thank you for stopping by. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. Myoriah
    Pretty neat technique and the verse is lovely.

  2. Your "waxy cuttlebug" technique turned out great. I think the copper e.p. works wonderfully. Lovely details.


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