Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mr. Cool Cat

I must confess I normally do not make Halloween cards. Unless I'm in a group where everyone is making them. However when I saw at Free Vintage Digital Stamp images of this cool black cat I just had to download and make a card for my granddaughter. To pop him up I used my patented idea. O.K. it is not patented but something I came up with years ago to really pop something up but still be mail-able. LOL! I'm sure it is not a new idea as others have probably been doing it.

O.K. without further ado meet Mr. Cool Cat:(Click to enlarge)
Aren't I just the coolest cat ever with my shiny hat,eyes,mouth,and monocle. All colored with glittered pens. Luckily Myoriah used her accordion strips to pop me up (see photo below) or I would find myself in that sticky spider web. Ewww! Talking about spider web. The spider web is a shape in Craft Artist Compact a free graphic program. It was exported in the png format. Then traced  in Studio using the high filter in order to have nice cutting lines.  Normally Myoriah doesn't use the high filter but in this case it worked better that way.It was painted with Folk Art Extreme Glitter Hologram paint. Then the sheer ribbon is woven through the web and chevron panel to hold it on. Less messy that way than trying to glue it down and more casual. (Shh! don't tell anyone I told you but sometimes Myoriah can be a messy gluer.)The Chevron panel was designed in Studio and the colors filled in and turned into a print and cut.

 Thank you Mr. Cool Cat for your commentary. Here is the view showing my accordion strips. I used one at the top and one at the bottom. As you may notice I used a scrap piece of paper that I tore. Any scrap and any color will do. Whatever image you use it on will squish down when you place the card in the envelope and pop up when the card is removed. The length of the accordion will determine how high it pops up.

I hope you like my Halloween card and that I've encouraged you to add dimension to your cards even if you are mailing them.

Thank you for stopping by and do come back. Don't know what I'll post next. Right now I'm busy trying to get things cut out for a play date with my sister next month. I may get some paper beads made so that my roommate can make some jewelry for his mom. I can make the beads while watching television.

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. Love your cool cat! The chevron background and spider webs are the perfect background for Mr. cool!

  2. Mr. Cool Cat is wonderful.
    Love your idea for popping up things so they can be mailed.

  3. Love that card, the chevrons are perfect, you can also make a great wobble using the @ symbol if you use heavy enough cardstock, hugs

  4. I love your Halloween card. I don't make many ones myself but usually make one for a sister who loves receiving my cards. Love the way you popped up your image. Smart gal!


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