Monday, November 17, 2014

Update On My Craft Room

Hi everyone! After my last post I had to go and redo a few things. Sometimes finding space and getting things to work is like doing a jigsaw puzzle. I also wanted to show you some of my ideas for storage. As well as some of my personal touches to make it truly my little piece of heaven here on earth.

 I did today buy a set of drawers which are perfect for under my work table. I will be buying another set as they will work back to back.  Anyway my oldest granddaughter had seen my craft room a couple of weeks ago and she was impressed with the changes I've made.

Over the door rack using mini bread pans to hold ink pads. I think this was originally intended to hold VHS tapes. I' know it has traveled all over the U.S with me as I've found it to be so handy.

M & M candy rack holds my spools of ribbon.  I figured when I saw it out by the curb I could find a use for it. Alas people where I live now do not put unwanted items out by the curb.

I was going to put up the thermal drapes but alas my car broke so I could not get to the store. My son fixed it today so I went and got a curtain rod so will hang them tomorrow. The big box is for donations and I'm still filling it.

My youngest granddaughter loved my angel hanging on the computer cabinet which houses my desktop computer. The white machine is an air purifier which I plug in when I'm using things with fumes. The doll is waiting to be wrapped for Bug's birthday. Lol! She doesn't know it is for her but she wanted to take her home today. Luckily she didn't see her birthday card as I didn't know they were coming over. The metal box on the top shelf my dad brought back from England after World War II. Right now it has some of my late husband's things in it. I will be sorting through it and sending his daughter some of his things.

My  fabric cutting mat and a shoe organizer hangs on the side of the computer cabinet. You have to find space wherever you can. Also things which don't work for one thing may work for something else.

K Cup Carousel holding Distress Paint ,liquid pearls, and Stickles. Rubber stamps which did not fit in the dividers decorates the top.

I want to redo the two larger wooden divider drawer inserts. Perhaps that will be one of my winter projects.

Clear pocket organizer I found at a dollar store a long time ago houses my most used supplies like scissors, rulers and some of the different adhesives I use. The small black box holds the adapters for my eBrush. It is perfect size and holds all six of them. The roll top wooden box I found at a thrift store and it is perfect for storing my most often used letter size card stock.

Look how clean this work space is.  And it still is even after my grandchildren came and played with me today.

 The Sharpies and eBrush are out because I want to practice using the eBrush with Sharpies. I find the laptop tray works great for working on things as I can move it aside if I need room for something on my work desk. I thought of placing the power strip on the side of the desk but then realized that it would be in the way. It will probably end up going in one of the nearest  cubby holes.

I still have a lot of work to do still but my space is starting to look really nice. Also it is getting easier to find things. Of course now that this room is not so chaotic I may not want to leave it.  In fact I may forget to set my pig timer for x number of minutes to craft or turn my small Mickey Mouse  mood clock around so I can not see the time. Only the changing colors.

You don't have to necessarily go and spend a lot of money to  fix up a craft room. My Ikea Cubby Shelving unit and desk was my one extravagant purchase and that was after I did lots of looking and thinking about my needs and my available space. I have probably more than gotten my money's worth from the wooden file cabinet which I've had for over fifteen years now. I don't have the paperwork I had when I first bought it so one drawer was perfect to dedicate to housing letter size card stock.  If I could find a couple of inexpensive metal file cabinets though I would trade this in as they would be more practical. For now though this works and you know the saying "If it ain't broke don't fix it.."  Don't be afraid to look at things and think how you might be able to use them. /When I saw the M & M candy rack I actually brought it home for my ink pads but it didn't work and then I decided to see if my ribbon would work. I didn't want to donate my K cup holder and thought I could come up  with some way to use it. Eventually I'm sure it will hold a collection of Distress Paint and Stain.

I'm tired and it is past my bedtime. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. Lovely to see where you do all your crafting. Makes it so much easier to imagine you there. Brings you that much closer.

  2. I'm very impressed by your room. My goodness it's got to the cleanest one on earth. Love your storage cubbies and what a cute idea to use your Kruig cup holder to hold your items.


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