Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pocket Santa Puppet Card

Hi everyone! I can't believe that tomorrow will be Thanksgiving which means that Christmas will soon be here. Of course all of my good ideas seem to come the week of Thanksgiving and I never seem to get all the projects done.

Last year I was going to make my granddaughters pocket Santa puppets. However when I opened up the file from Silhouette I realized it is a paper piecing file. I don't do paper piecing that well. Before taking a book on card making back to the library on Sunday I decided to look through it some more and there was a Santa pocket puppet card.  I decided to use the base for the chimney  from the file and to use a print and cut Santa. Of course with my ton of images I didn't have one suitable Santa so it was look on the internet for a free image.

I cut out the chimney pocket from that gray card stock I'm still trying to use up. LOL!  I wouldn't  necessarily needed a pocket in the front but I was thinking if I goofed up really bad stenciling my bricks I would have a backup. Lol! As it is when I masked the top with painter tape one of the bricks got a chip.. ;-) I am loving my eBrush for stenciling. I get such a clean stenciled image. I brushed white acrylic paint on the top and then while still wet sprinkled glitter over it.

The speech bubble was a free store file. It messed up cutting it out of the gray so I cut out of  a scrap of white card stock when I cut out my snowflakes.  I took my eBrush and a gold marker and changed the color. I used a scrap of black for the backing. It is pop dotted on the card. The snowflakes are heat embossed with what else but Winter Wonderland embossing powder.

Here is Santa with his head just peeking out of the chimney on the inside.

Here is Santa pulled out of the chimney. The original card used a piece of card stock glued to the card and to Santa. However, I thought it would be more durable to glue a craft stick on the back of Santa. Although I noticed today the dollar store had colored craft sticks I didn't have any so I used my eBrush and a marker to color the stick. Then I glued an extra snowflake from another project on the stick. I took a cotton swab and edged Santa using Vintage Photo distress ink. I think that edging an image gives it a little more dimension. Also if the cut is a little off you can mask the line.

Lol! I showed a friend the card and he asked if it was for him. When I told him no he started pouting. Lol! Maybe I'll have to make him a Santa Dog puppet. By the way you could take this pocket puppet idea and do cards other than for Christmas. I think it might be fun to do a cake pocket and have a puppet to pull out of the cake for a birthday. Or hw about a  chick being pulled out of a egg for Easter.

There is one more fun card I want to make from the book and then I have some ideas for making some decorations for outdoors. Our complex is once again having an outdoor decorating contest. I also need to try out some gift ideas before having my granddaughters attempt to make them. I like to make up a prototype so I'm aware of what pitfalls there may be. There is nothing worse than having an idea for something which ends up instead of being fun being poor frustration. Especially for children.

Do you do decorating inside or out for the holidays?  If you do do you like to make your own decorations.

For those in the U.S. Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. For all the others wishing you a wonderful weekend. Hope you get a lot of crafting done.

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. How adorable !! Might have to find the time to try that.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you.
    It is a winter wonderland here today.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving my dear friend. I love this card and how the Santa pops out, Your bricks totally rock.


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