Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Good, Bad And Ugly My Craft Room

Hi everyone! I had to laugh when I checked out the Moxie Fab blog and discovered that there is a challenge for you to post a photo of your work space just as it is. The reason I was laughing is I had just cleaned mine. I have another apartment inspection Monday and the manager was not happy with my craft room a couple of weeks ago. Or at least I hope it was only my craft room as that was the only cluttered area in the apartment.. Anyway I thought I would post some pictures of how it looks right now. I'm still working on it and will be all through the weekend.
This is what my desk looks like. The roll top box holds the card stock I use most often. I had some rice paper on top but that has since been put away. I didn't take a picture but on the front of the desk is a clear pocket holder which holds scissors, and things like my most used adhesives. and tapes.
The rack on the door is  a VHS rack from way back. I had to take a shelf out so the door could be opened all the way. I.  have put in the wire baskets mini loaf pans which hold my ink pads  The ink pads are organized according to type of ink and by brand. This way I can take a pan to my table if say I only want to use distress ink. Cotton balls, cotton swabs and cosmetic wedges are also stored here as usually I use them with my ink pads.There are also a few rubber stamps that there was not space for above my cubbies.

The box holds my laminator. So far I haven't used it much but perhaps if I quit having apartment inspections I can actually work on some projects. 

The roll around stand holds my 12 x 12 card stock,. The top drawer holds some of the adhesives I use like Creative Magic and extra glue sticks,etc. Also my colored pencils, chalks, and punches are stored in drawers. On top is a clear folder which holds scraps of papers and envelopes with extra shapes in them. Also some craft magazines and books are piled on top.  One drawer of the file cabinet holds card stock, colored copy paper, sheet protectors and things like that. The other drawer holds things like owner manuals and other important papers.

On top of the filing cabinet is a on top of the toilet tank rack. It would not work in my bathrooms so I decided when short on space go up. The  green basket holds my reinkers, color mists and things like that.Right now the other basket is holding my playing card for the altered  playing card challenge. Eventually I'll come up with a way to display them. The two clear containers holds finished cards and my most recent ones are in the metal letter holder. I'm keeping the Marker Maker in its' original box. The empty space is where my airbrush goes when I'm not using it.

I decided to put my one cup coffee maker in storage as it takes up too much room in my kitchen. My French Press Mug takes up a lot less space. I was thinking there had to be something I could do with the K Cup Carousel. I don't have that many Distress Paints, Liquid Pearl or Stickles but what I had kept getting lost. Carousel to the rescue. One of these days I'm sure it will be full of either Liquid Pearls or Distress Paints. LOL! 

Yes my sewing machine is finally out of the box. If I wish to play my keyboard I can take my sewing machine off and the top folds flat and put my keyboard on top. The big box on top is one I'm filling for taking to a thrift store. The one on the floor is one I'm filling to put stuff in storage right now.  I hate to put nails in walls so the bulletin sits on the window sill, The blue painted piece was one of the last things my Mom painted so I don't really want to put it in storage where it might get ruined.

Lol! As we get over here you can start to see the ugly. I need to organize some of the things on top of my computer cabinet.  That is another on top of the toilet rack which again would not work. Right now it holds containers with yarn  and laces.I did put a  shoe pocket holder on the side to hold things.. This must have been meant for children shoes as mine sure didn't fit in it.

 I plan to have the blue container and boxes emptied before Monday. I may not get around to cleaning the cubbies but I don't see where they would be either a safety or fire hazard.Well maybe a safety issue if something falls and hits me on head but I have a hard head.

I had to take ribbon spools out of the door basket so I plan to put it in the M & M candy rack I found by the curb. I think it will fit on the windowsill.

A lot of my rubber stamps are displayed and stored in wooden drawer dividers. I don't have any drawers they will fit in so this is a good place for them. Yes there are a few bare places where I need to put stamps back away. Not even as a child was I good about putting my toys away. LOL!

O.K. I will confess I did not take a picture of the overflowing box and plastic container under my work desk. That is what I' have been been working on today. A lot of what is in the box will end up in the donation box.

O.K. Now you know my dirty secrets. I'm challenged  when it comes to organizing. I'm a messy who is trying to reform and I'm a pack rat.

Are you organized? Are you a "Messy"? Do you have any organizing tips which does not have to do with get rid of everything?  Would you be comfortable having someone come in and help you organize?

Back to work for me. No rest for the wicked and as you may know I'm really wicked. ;-)  Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

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  1. Wow, it is clean. I don't understand why the apartment inspection would turn their nose up at a messy work space; it's not as though there was any damage for goodness sakes. I'm messy and am too ashamed to post my work space. I think you just inspired me to clean my work space. Yours is so awesome. Great ideas for storage. TFS.


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