Saturday, May 24, 2014

Silhouette Swing Card

Today was a good day for crafting. I was going to take the dogs out for a long walk only to discover that not only was the wind blowing but it had started to rain. The temperature had also dropped about twenty degrees from what it has been. Thank goodness Thursday I took the dogs to a dog park which I had just discovered was near me.

Way before Christmas I had traced this Silhouette file of a boy on a swing which I downloaded from Dover as a sample to make a card.(Sometimes I'll not feel like crafting so will trace images in Studio I think I might want to use in the future.) I had to do a little bit of point editing but not a lot. It always amazes me at how well the Cameo will cut delicate images. It scrunched up in one place on the branch but  that was the cheap black card stock fault and not the machine. When I choose cut edge and decided to cut first with gray cardstock in case it cut more than the circle it cut out perfectly. I'm thinking of coloring the gray cutout later on for a card.

I get tired of making square or rectangle cards so decided to go with an oval shape with the bottom cut off. I decided to make my base using pattern  12 x 12 cardstock from a pad which I've had for about three years. After placing the focal piece on several different pieces of cardstock I finally went with the distress look piece. It actually took me longer to decide what to use for the base than to make my card. LOL!

I had wanted to back my cut out Silhouette shape. I ended up releasing the path in order to cut the circle out of cardstock which was the result of my play with making my own color mists using soap dyes I had on hand and spraying from different distances.

I cut foam squares to place under the dog and also used foam squares under the boy to pop them up. I curled the one branch that was not attached to the circle up. I like my cards to have some sort of dimension to them.

The sentiment is printed using my label maker. I backed it with the same cardstock I used to back the silhouette with. I gently folded the sentiment in half and cut with my scissors like I sometimes do with ribbon to get the notched ends.

This weekend is a three day weekend but the only plans I have is to craft. I did trace a fan image today which I'm anxious to turn into a card. I also want to do some playing as well as doing the inside of a few cards so I can mail them Tuesday.

Wishing you a Great weekend and Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. Cool card. Love the swinging boy and jumping dog with the green mottled background. Looks just like a forest.
    I am like you, square and rectangular cards get boring after awhile.
    I also have a problem figuring out the best base for what I have in mind.

  2. I love your card,the place where you got the image from what is the web address? My email is
    Thanks you for sharing your talent with us.
    Blessings Jocelan

  3. Hurrah, I'm getting my Feedburner subscriptions again. Your card is beautiful. I love the shape.


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