Monday, May 12, 2014

Pretty In Pink Card Using Embossed Folder Rubbing

Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I had a fun day with the family yesterday. While waiting for my son to pick me up since right now I'm without wheels I finished a card which I had experimented with doing a rubbing using an embossing folder the day before. Those who know me know that I like my tools to do double duty. You also may know that I normally do not craft with pink but I found an assortment of card stock on sale which I bought for the purple card stock in the pack.  Since my goal is to use what I have I decided to make a pink card.

I am going to share first a picture tutorial. Then the finished card. If you wish to skip the tutorial and scroll on down to see the card you won't hurt my feelings.

First decide which embossing folder you are going to use. I found a more open design like Divine Swirls worked the best so you might have to experiment. Use the raised side for this technique.

Place your card stock  or water color paper on  top of the open folder. Copy paper would work also but since I wanted to add paint I went with a heavy weight card stock as copy paper would curl too much.

Using the side of  a crayon or oil pastels rub over the folder.

You can add other colors and at least with oil pastels you can create new colors by overlapping your colors. At this point you can leave it like it is or go to the next step.

I painted metallic water colors over it and only the white accepted the paint as the oil pastels acts as a resist. I wet the card stock first before I painted and then added some texture by blotting with a paper towel while the paint was wet which transferred the texture from the towel. I love how this shimmers and looks like a piece of designer pattern paper.

I decided to go with the fuchsia card stock. I don't usually anymore use my decorative edged scissors but I decided for this card to use them on the emboss resist panel. Mainly I've kept the scissors for my grandchildren to use when crafting with me.

I decided to use a folded over paper doily where I can write a secret note for the recipient. I felt like it paired well with the dimensional sticker I decided to use.

I wrapped the ribbon around the panel at the top of the doily. I bought this ribbon several years ago at a dollar store but it never seemed to work when I would go and use it on a card. I think it is perfect here as the color of the flowers echo the flowers down at the base of the sticker as does the shape of the flowers.Also it is the same color of pink as the card base.

The sticker is from a collection by Special Moments. When I find these stickers at a dollar store I buy them because I must confess I'm too lazy to make my own and they are great for when I want to make a quick card. It took longer for the resist panel to dry than to put this card together.

What kind of ways have you used tools that perhaps they were not originally intended to be used that way? Do you like to make your own papers or play with art supplies when paper crafting?

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. Very pretty and I love the colors. What a neat idea to have the message hidden under the doily.
    Good job.

  2. It is pretty in pink. I like the pastel color blends. I also like the embossing folder you used. Swirls is one of my favorites.Nice job!

  3. Oh my heavens what a beautiful card. Your tutorial is so well done too. I suddenly realized all my Feedburner subscriptions quit coming to me so that's why I have been MIA.

  4. Wow!!!! That is beautiful! Your project is wonderful. hugs, Patty


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