Sunday, March 10, 2013

Another Top Of The Morning Card

I lost an hour today. Don't know about you but I really miss that hour. I know I will get it back but it takes awhile for my system to adjust to losing it. I don't even understand the thinking behind the time change. Seems to me it is like cutting the top off of a blanket and sewing it to the bottom trying to make the blanket longer. It just doesn't work. O.K. off my soapbox and back to talking about crafting.

I made today another card using the Top Of The Morning. I had to change my plans as the card stock I had painted with gesso tinted went through the printer crooked. I also forgot to change to the draft setting for the printing so the ink smeared. I thought after I saw the printer grab the card stock and go crooked that I could hand cut the shape. :-( Not all my work was wasted as I was able to take the bottom portion of the card stock and cut it for the background. Enough is my card.
This time I resized the image and printed it on heavy gray card stock. Yes, I'm still trying to get rid of the card stock I bought by mistake. LOL! I decided to edge the image with gold ink and usually I'm really a perfectionist when I edge but this time I allowed it to be irregular. The background it is on is my gesso card stock. I was surprised that the green ink I used to tint the gesso turned this color instead. The music stamp I used is from Teresa Collins Vintage stamp set. While playing with the stamp on scrap I thought it was me but after looking at the stamp I realized it was the stamp itself. It is stamped with my Tuxedo Black Memento ink. I was going to use gold ink but it didn't show up well on a scrap of gesso card stock. I am always at a loss when deciding what color to use for the actual card. After playing around with what I have in my stash I decided to use this one as it echos the color in his outfit.

O.K. Because I love you I decided to see if I could find the image for you since several people wanted to know where I got it. Alas while researching I found some other neat images. Good thing I have a large hard drive and external hard drive. LOL! Here is the link:

Guess I should have threatened Cameron my Cameo sooner about selling him on Craigslist. Once again he cut out a perfect print and cut. The funny thing is I had upgraded to the newest version of Studio and several people have had problems with print and cut using that version.

That is all for now. I have another piece of gesso card stock drying. LOL! Hope this time it will work for me. In the meanwhile I have a birthday card to work on which I hope to get done and post tomorrow or Tuesday.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving comments they are appreciated more than you will ever know. Happy  Frugal Crafting till we meet again.


  1. Great card. Top of the morning to you.

  2. fabulous job!!!!!!!!! I love that music stamp!

  3. I like your take on the time change and sewing a blanket. LOL. Your card is very cute. Again, some challenges with awesome results.


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