Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Interactive Father's Day Card

I wanted to make my roommate a special Father's Day card. Originally I had wanted to use the dogs but after many frustrating hours trying to trace the photo of them I wanted to use for a print and cut I gave up. I did however go with my original idea and added to it.

Yes, I used my track so that the dog moves through the grass. I'm thinking of using some craft floss for a leash tied around the dog's neck. I have no idea where the dog came from but I modified him from the original file.  I had to cut him out three times before getting him fat enough to not fall through the track. I did narrow my track.  Since my fur babies are black with brown  I. went ahead and used some black chalk.  

The grass is a Studio file which I filled in with color as well as the track. I made one piece of grass shorter and glued it on top of the other piece. For some reason white showed after cutting out the grass so I went ahead and rubbed what was suppose to be green ink on the grass. The grass is pop dotted to the track. I just used the dots on the sides. The track is pop dotted onto the card. 

The bone is another Studio file. The font is 4Dogs. I love the font but alas the apostrophe ends up being a sword. So the apostrophe and s was left off of father's. I don't know why I didn't make the track so that it filled all the way across. Still I think my roommate will like it.

I am working on a couple of other cards and perhaps I can get them posted sometime this week. Thank you for stopping by and do come back.

Happy Frugal crafting till we meet again!


  1. Myoriah, this is a fun card and I'm sure it will be very much appreciated. I love interactive cards. Now, you stop being so hard on yourself. It's very nice.


  2. Hi there, Myoriah. I think it is a clever idea and one as Debbie said, will be much appreciated.
    Tine (Addie24)


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