Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Birthday My Grease Monkey!

My son has a birthday next month and I'm always at a lose for what to make a card of for him. While going through my digital stash looking for an image for another project I found a background that started the creative juices flowing.. From there the project clicked into place.

I'm loving how this card all came together. Oh you wanted to see the card. Drum roll please! (click image to enlarge)Opps! Hold on a second while I upload new pictures. I thought that car in the garage looked funny. It was parked upside down. Good thing it was easy to fix.

I decided to have the Classic card face towards the opening of the card so that it would not  hide the details in the background. No tracing required for the background since I was just cutting out the whole image. Just make sure the setting is set to cut edge. I drew a narrow strip on the street side that the car was going to be traveling on and centered it horizontally for the track.I cut out one background with the slit and one without. 

I traced the classic car and the race car in the garage. I cut out two of the Classic cars. Brushed on one of them Dimensional Magic for the windows and head lights. When that was dried I placed pop dots on the backside. Slipped it through the track and attached the other car to it. Make sure the pop dots are not too large as you want the car to freely move on the track. I pop dotted the race car onto the back wall of the garage. Trying to place it so it looked like it was parked in there.

I brushed Dimensional Magic on the windows in the background on the one that had the slit in it. When dried and after the car was attached I glued that piece onto the other background. By the way a little bit of Dimensional Magic goes a long way so don't let the price scare you away from buying it. It can be a fun way to add to your project.

The sentiment was typed in Studio and the letters filled along with the line color filled and set to print. I didn't like the white background so decided to play with pattern.  The argyle pattern appeared to have the same colors as in the background. In addition argyle to me is classic and classy.  I felt like it needed something when laying things out on the Studio work-space. I often do that to get an idea of how the finished card is going to look. I came up with the idea of using a couple of wheels.

So what do you think of the card I made for a man who is a mechanic,loves to legally drag race,and has been in love with Classic cars since before he could talk? 

Thank you for stopping by. Do come back. I'm not sure what project I will feature next but I'm working on a couple of them.

Wishing you happy Frugal crafting till we meet again.


  1. Hi there Myoriah. I am sure your son will love his interactive card.
    Tine (Addie24)

  2. You did it! and knocked it out of the ball park. I love this card! Thank you for the masculine inspiration.

  3. Great card Myoriah --- your son will love it!


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