Friday, June 15, 2012

Glue Paint Play & Floral Card

For the most part my DIY glue paint play was disappointing. I discovered that alcohol inks mixed in glue left specks as it did not totally dissolve in the glue. I discovered that not all white glues are equal. My Elmer's multi-purpose glue was way too runny for drawing with and leaving a raised design. In fact it spread into a awful blob. However, I am pleased with how a couple of things turned out. I went ahead and used the glue paint with the specks because you know me I don't waste anything. Here is the card I made using my glue paint elements.

 I love the background piece. I've done this before but this time I did it a little different. I used two different glue paints. One mixed with Butterscotch alcohol inks and the other with Stream.  Next time I'll color the glue with my soap dyes. I've used those before. Food coloring works great and used to be inexpensive I don't know if it still is.

Paint glue on your wax paper and place single ply facial tissue,napkins, paper towels. or gift wrapping tissue in the glue This time instead of using the whole sheet like I normally do I tore it in pieces and layered.  Pressing it down as I went along.

Keep adding glue and paper until you are satisfied with the look. I went ahead and added a whole sheet of facial tissue on top. Then daubed the glue paint on top. Don't worry if your media tears you can always mend it with more paper. You can either leave it like it is or add another piece of wax paper on top. Depending on what effect you are after.

You don't have to limit yourself to one color. You can daub on other colors like I did here. Also while the paint is still wet you can add things like dried flowers,glitter,confetti, etc.

I tore the edges with a edge ruler for this card. Usually I just tear them straight. You can also trim them with a paper cutter.

The flowers are print and cut and the image is from Dover clipart. I painted a light coat of my Stream glue paint  which I thinned with water on them. It was lighter color than I wanted and not as shiny. I added more ink and added another coat. If you coat printed images too heavily with the glue you will lose your lines. Wonder how I know. Better to add two or more light coats.

Yes, I had to play with my Orchid Liquid Pearls. I don't know what I did because they flattened out but I still like them in the middle of the flowers. It was my first time using the Liquid Pearls. Hopefully I'll get better before I empty the bottle. LOL!

If you have kids out of school and they are bored send them outside with glue mixed with food coloring,wax paper and whatever thin paper you have on hand. Maybe that will keep them out of your hair for awhile and you will have some neat one of a kind papers to use. LOL! That is unless the kids can't part with their masterpiece unless you pay them.

My frugal tip is when school supplies go on sale stock up on white glue. You can always find a use for it.

Thank you for stopping by and do come back. I promise I won't be as long winded next time. LOL! Wishing you happy Frugal crafting till we meet again.

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