Friday, March 16, 2012

Yes,Virginia You Can Heat Emboss On Craft Foam

My roommate came upstairs today and told me that his Mother had called to thank him for the St. Patrick day card I had made for her. Then he said "I hope you didn't have anything planned for tomorrow as I promised her we would go play Bingo with her".  It has been so long since I've played Bingo and I have no idea where my "lucky" socks are. The next best thing was to make up some four leaf clovers for pins and hair clip.

I just happen to have all of this green craft foam including a large size scrap. First I designed my four leaf clover in Studio using a heart shape. I welded the four hearts together and added a stem which I also welded. I placed my foam on my cutting mat adhering it with painter's tape to make sure it was secure. I changed my blade to ten and used the slowest speed and maximum setting and set it to double cut. I should have put a newer blade in though as my shapes didn't completely cut out. (I think my blade is finally starting to get dull.)Very carefully I punched out by hand and tore the foam along the score lines. I think finishing cutting through with a craft knife would have been better.

I was looking at the foam clover thinking what now. Then I decided to see if I could heat emboss. I had cut an extra one out just in case it didn't work. I decided to run it through my adhesive machine as I wanted to make sure that I had a good coating of adhesive to hold the embossing powder. Normally I would have just stamped my watermark pad over it.

Yes, Virginia you can heat emboss craft foam.  I panicked at first when the stems started curling but discovered I could straighten them while still warm. The last one I heat embossed actually folded in on itself but was easy to unfold. I discovered I could easily manipulate the foam while warm. Can't wait to cut flowers out of craft foam now.

Sorry you can't see the true sparkle of the embossing. These are beautiful but alas no matter what settings I tried and  light I could not get a good picture of the sparkle.

All I have left now is to adhere pin findings to two of them and a hair clip to one for myself.

Thank you for stopping by and looking. Do come back as I really plan to do a post on adding dimension without adding flab.

Happy crafting and Happy St. Patrick's day if you celebrate it.

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