Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Printing On Ribbon & Easter Card

I've been reading a book about transferring digital images to different media. Although in this post I won't be showing you how to do any of what was in the book as I don't have the supplies it did get me to thinking.

I don't have a lot of sentiment stamps and my Easter one is too large for my ribbon. So first off was seeing if I could print on ribbon. The book did show different ways of printing on fabric but I didn't have the supplies on hand and right now am without transportation. So I decided to see if I could print on ribbon the same way I have printed on fabric in the past.

This is the easiest way I've found to print on ribbon. I like to use stiff wire ribbon that I can often get at a dollar store. You could do faux ribbon printing on sheer ribbon by printing on paper and then  gluing print side up on the back side of the ribbon.

First step is printing on paper. As long as you save the file used for the initial ribbon you can use the paper over and over again. I already took a picture of the printed ribbon so lifted the ribbon from the copy paper to show you the printed words underneath.

 Next step is to lightly spray the back side of the ribbon with re-positional adhesive. The key word is lightly as you do not want the spray to seep through your ribbon. This is also why sheer ribbon won't work this way. 

Place your ribbon on the printed page adhesive side down. I use a brayer to make sure it is down tight. Send it through your printer. (I am not responsible if you mess up your printer using this technique. I have used this technique printing words on fabric with no problem. My printer is still running strong.)
There you have it an easy way to print on ribbon. If you can't see through the ribbon to center it on the printed page you can always hold it up to a light or use a light box if you have one. 

My card is not what I envisioned due to a change of plans because I didn't have some of the supplies I wanted to use. This card kept changing direction right up to the point when I adhered everything down.Too many different ideas. Oh you wanted to see the card. LOL! I like how it turned out and hope you do also.

Sorry the picture isn't better but my camera was doing wonky things with the fabric behind the girl.The girl is a print and cut.  The image is from Let Me Scrap. It is part of a recent blog train "Spring Sun Easter Fun". She is pop dotted on the fabric.(It will cost me extra to mail the card but the person getting it is worth it.)

 I bought the fabric a year ago on sale because I liked it. I thought it would really add to this card with the flowers and butterflies. I cut out the oval on my Cameo without using interfacing since I didn't have any.(In tips on the Silhouette Plus Forum you can read how I did it.

The frame is a Silhouette free file Scalloped Circles. I turned it into a Scalloped Oval. This is what I love about my Cameo and the Silhouette software. If I want to change something I can. I debated on how to finish the frame. The white seemed too stark to me. I decided to pick up the pink in the fabric so used chalk ink and a cotton ball to color it.

The card  base is stamped with a flower stamp and Versamark watermark ink. Then heat embossed with a white opaque embossing powder.  I changed my mind about rubbing ink over the stamped  embossed image after playing with rubbing ink over an embossed image on my sample.

Thank you for stopping by and do come back again. Happy crafting!


  1. GORGEOUS card...LOVE the ribbon printing idea..TFS

  2. Adorable Easter Cards, fun techniques, Just found you through Linky


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