Thursday, March 8, 2012

St. Paddy Birthday Card And Glimmer Mist Play

What could be better than having a birthday and it being St. Patrick's day also. A lot of people are celebrating your birthday. So I decided to make a St. Patrick day birthday card for someone special who just happens to have been born on St. Patrick's day.

The cut out ribbon and tag were free files from Delicious Scrap. So easy to turn jpg and png files into print and cut with the Studio software. I added in Studio the sentiment  on the tag before cutting. I set the line color what I wanted and set to print selected lines. Although I had filled in the text I don't know why it didn't print but I actually prefer the outline of the letters.

I could not find a pop out shamrock at the Silhouette store so created my own. It is really easy to make a shamrock using a heart shape and replicating and welding. I love the eraser in the Designer Edition of Studio I no longer have to edit points if I don't want a section to cut. This shamrock panel was cut out of a scrap piece of card stock.

Originally I was going to cut the final one out of a piece of green card stock but I had to play. It has been awhile since I've played with making my own glimmer mist. It is so easy. I used soap dye for the color here as I could not find my alcohol inks. I goofed and thought I was putting green in my water and it was blue instead. No problem as I then added green to my mixture and it turned out darker then when I had used green by itself before. I added mint green and blue Perfect Pearls to the water solution and spritzed my card stock. While still wet I folded the leaves up.  Normally I would have used my heat tool to flatten out the card stock but decided to leave the edges curled as it was. I pop dotted the leaves and the panel onto the card  front.

Not only was this card frugal to make but it was also fun.

Do download free digital content when you find  it as you never know when it might come in handy. Don't be afraid to design something if you can't find a file for what you want. Especially if it is something simple like this shamrock. If you don't have paper the color you want spray to make your own. Food color,alcohol inks,fabric dye,water color paints,or even tempera paints can be used to make a spray to color your card stock.

There are several tutorials for making glimmer mist. I prefer using the Perfect Pearls because I don't need to add a binder.  Don't let the price scare you away as you can make several bottles for what you would pay for two bottles of  commercial glimmer mist.

Thank you for stopping by and do come back as my next project is going to be chalking shamrocks for a background. Of course using this technique you could use other shapes but I need to get some St. Patrick cards made.

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  1. Great card! I found you from the Silhouette forum and become a follower xx


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