Monday, February 2, 2015

Altered Playing Cards Week 21

Wow! I can't believe it we are now on week 21 of the altered playing card challenge. We have had several people join recently and it is fun to see what everyone does. As far as I could tell there was no theme this week unless it was housewives. Clear embossed paste was used with stencils but since I don't have any on one card I experimented to see how String gel would work with a stencil. On the other I used moulding paste that although it is suppose to dry clear actually had a yellow tinge to it.
Here are Claudine's cards:
I love how she did these cards but since I don't have those images I did my own thing. I also mixed things up a little bit as the stamps worked better on one card and the book text on another. By the way just so you know I did not tear up a library book. I used a book which a used bookseller had outside for free. Although to be honest I do feel a little guilty. Without further ado here are mine.
This card I did not prep but instead used my stencil and applied Liquitex String Gel with a palette knife. It was interesting that the string gel actually ended up rounded. I used Lowe Cornell metallic paint. I decided to not wipe off  all the stencil area with a baby wipe. I just wiped off a portion which allows the card background to show through. I took Apple Barrel daffodil paint and applied it with my pinky. When the paint was dry I used a blue Sharpie to create my flowers from my finger print. I also used the same Sharpie to  draw around the book text. I used Memento black ink and a stencil for the circles at the top. The image is a Dover image. After printing it I cut it out by hand and then colored with color pencils.

For this card I used Moulding Paste over a card which I had previously applied gesso. After the paste dried I used acrylic metallic paint. Then wiped the paint off the stenciled part. Once again I used the yellow paint and my pinky. Once the paint was dried I used my Chinese Wishes mini stamps.  I cut two stamps off of envelopes and adhered them to the card.. The oriental women are another Dover image. For some reason this image really speaks to me. I turned it into a print and cut. They are colored with a color pencil, chalk, and a white gel pen. I pop dotted them onto the card. You know me I own stock in the adhesive foam company. I must because cleaning and organizing I found several packages of it. I'm not going to run out any day soon. I love that the one stamp is a forever stamp  so the word forever is visible. To me it goes with the love wish stamp.

I wasn't sure how I was going to put together my cards this morning when I saw Claudine's post but they both pretty much put themselves together. I especially love how the oriental card turned out as I've been wanting to use that image for a long time. The chalk on the young girl's kimono ended up not being the red that I thought it was  but it still works. Lol! I haven't really used book text before and never used canceled stamps. Now as I sort through papers I'll be cutting the stamps off of envelopes to save. I hope I'll get mail with more than flag stamps. It is still going to take awhile before I don't feel totally guilty using books in crafting.

Do you use canceled stamps or tear up books and use them?

I made up some paper pulp from old bills and papers I had printed out but no longer needed over the weekend. I had forgotten how little paper pulp is needed for paper casting with embossing folders, plastic canvas, mini soap molds, etc.  Next time I won't make up so much pulp as I really don't have a lot of space for drying things which is why I no longer make my own paper. I saw in a scrapbook book where the pulp was put directly on a page using plastic canvas shapes but I never could get it to work.

You know me I like to experiment and discovered that paper pulp can be used with stencils.  I only did one stenciled heart to try it out but it worked. It took a bit to figure out how to use the pulp with embossing folders but I love the paper castings using embossing folders. It is a different look from embossing  regular paper or card. Later on I'll do a tutorial on it. In them meantime I have a little bit of pulp left so I'm off to play and experiment some more.

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. Two terrific playing cards. I like your top card a lot. It is so awesome with the book text. And your second card has an amazing background.

    Glad you got a chance to make some paper. You mentioned it earlier. I mention things and just never get around to them.

    Yes, I cut up hardcover books that I buy for $1 at the library sale. No guilt with this gal.

  2. Both cards are very, very cool.
    I applaud you and your experimenting!!!!
    Great job.


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