Monday, June 9, 2014

Hello Card With Monoprint Background

Hi dear readers I'm glad you could drop by today. Today I have a card to share using a monoprint background I made using my gelli plate over the weekend. I am not as pleased as I could be on how the sentiment turned out but used it anyway. I think the letters were too thin and too tiny but on the whole I like how this card turned out. Of course Cameron my Cameo was happy as he actually got to do some cutting.

The card base I had cut out to use for the card in the previous post but it was the wrong color. I decided since at the same time I had cut out the bird and the banner to go ahead and use it on this card.

The background paper was created using a round gelli plate. Later on I'm sure I'll use the pieces I trimmed off. After pulling a bunch of prints on white cardstock and some of the paint was dry on the plate I went and brushed with a foam brush purple over the plate. I then took a stencil which was covered in paint and placed it on the plate and then removed it. Then I placed a black insert from a page protector on my plate and pulled my print.I love the light airy look that resulted. This is the fun of pulling prints as you never know for sure what you are going to get.
The bird was originally a Silhouette print and cut. I believe at one time it was a free file or it came with my Cameo. I decided to use it as a cut file.  I didn't like the first two colors I had used of gelatos on the bird so started playing mixing and blending colors until I ended up with this brass look. I used the orange to color the beak. A marker to make the eye and the bird was done. Except it looked blah to me.  On my desk was a bamboo stamp by Judkins which I had bought at a thrift store. I don't know if the stamp is still available as it is an older stamp. I decided to see if I could stamp over the gelato which is sort of waxy like chapstick. My Stazon  ink worked.

The "HELLO" banner was part of a tag which was a freebie from Silhouette. The "Hello had been at the end of the tag but I centered the words and then resized to fit on the bird. Originally I was going to put the banner directly on the bird but decided instead to back it with a scrap from the black.

My frugal tip is to use cheap paints for pulling prints. I actually found that the craft paints had a longer drying time than the artist grade paints so didn't dry too quickly on the plate. I did at the thrift store pick up a bottle of extender which slows down the drying so I can use my metallic acrylic paints.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have enjoyed your visit here and maybe even been inspired to get "painty" and "inky". I'm off to follow the advice for artists that while people are criticizing or praising your recent work you should be creating new work. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. I think this turned out so beautifully.

  2. Your bg turned out well. I have many and found that I liked using Glaze and did triple layers. My acrylic paint was too thick so I'm going to see if Golden makes a clear glaze that I can add to my paints.


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