Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hearts And Flower

Tis the time of year when my mind goes to hearts and flowers. I have always loved making Valentines and when other children would hand out store bought valentines I liked to make my own. I just could not resist making one more Valentine. Also this week the emphasis is on rubber stamping and I thought it was about time that I tried out Silhouette's stamping kit. I've only had the kit since before Christmas and had never made a stamp with it. Oh the shame! I know none of you reading this post have unused supplies.
 I used a scallop card base that I created in Silhouette Studio. I decided to cut it out of Kraft heavy card stock. I didn't know whether I wanted to use the base with the cut out scallop window or just a plain scallop card base. Behind the window is a piece of foil covered card-stock. I had tried to transfer an image when that did not work I had tried to use a stencil and moulding paste on the card-stock but when it dried where I had used my dot runner to adhere the foil the dots showed through the foil. I ended up using gesso on the foil. In places the foil shows through. I like how it turned out. The hearts are stickers by Hallmark which were a gift from a friend. I was trying to decide how I wanted to do the card last night and then remembered that I had filed some heart stickers.

The flower is one of the images which comes with the Silhouette Stamp kit. I cut it out on card-stock using cut the edges option. Then I cut out the stamp of the flower. Because the stamp is more like a stencil I placed it on the card-stock and  patted my VersaMark ink on top. Then I removed the stamp and heat embossed the flower petals. Then I placed the stamp over my embossed image and stamped with the ink which comes in the kit. I didn't like the look though and the petals looked really scruffy so I went and heat embossed again. I was using a leftover mixture of Raspberry and Aqua powder from embossing sentiments for the inside of Valentine cards. I love the resulting color when both colors mixed together.

I did not realize that the black ink stays wet so the powder also stuck to the stamped lines. I didn't like the muddy look of the lines so decided to stamp with VersaMark ink and use my Eggplant Pearl embossing powder. Some of the colored powder from the petals showed through the eggplant powder but I like how it turned out. I'm glad I decided to try that powder.

I rolled the petals a little bit up before I adhered it with a popdot. I hope the person I give this to tomorrow will like the card. I've been randomly delivering and mailing cards to people. The person I'm giving this card to has been ill since before Christmas so I'm hoping that it will brighten her day.

I definitely would buy the Silhouette Stamp kit if you have a Silhouette machine and like to stamp. Not that I'm trying to enable you to spend more money. ;-) The hardest part was to change the position of the rolller in my Cameo as the stamp mat is smaller. Of course if you have a Portrait you will not have to do that. I have not tried this yet with my SD so I don't know if it has enough power. The ink that comes in the kit works great with the stamping material but I discovered with an old fashioned rubber stamp it did not work as well. Of course that could have been the stamp itself. I can't wait to cut out  more shapes and make coordinating stamps.

Did you make valentines?  Are you using things in your stash that have been sitting there for a couple of months or longer?

Wishing you love, laughter, and a joyful life not just on Valentine's Day but every day the rest of this year. Also wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

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  1. Oh I love this. It is so interesting. Yes, I have lots of unused supplies and finally used my heart punch, curved Spellbinders and paper bow maker die on Al's Valentine cards. Had those supplies unused for over six months.


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