Thursday, February 6, 2014

Awesome Orange And Heat Embossing Card

Baby it is cold outside! Just ask my boys and they will tell you. They quickly do their business when I take them out. Since it is too cold to walk outside for long I decided to play. I'm trying to transfer a photo onto foil covered card stock but so far have not had any luck However, trying the orange cleaner for transferring  an inkjet print produced an interesting look on the original print. Then since this week the emphasis is on heat embossing I thought I would play with that.

I don't know why the one corner looks like it is not down because I checked the card and it is down tight. My camera once again doing crazy things. LOL!

The photo is one I took last week when I walked to the park. It was a chore with the snow so deep to walk to take pictures but well worth it. I like the water color look that resulted when I sprayed my Awesome Orange on the inkjet print. I had placed parchment paper over the wet print so I could put a book on top to keep the print flat. When I took the book off I noticed that the parchment had left vertical lines in the print from where the parchment paper had rippled.Who knew that an orange base cleaner could give such an interesting effect!

 I used my finger and Ranger Perfect Pearl Medium which is like a tacky glue and rubbed it over where I wanted my embossing powder to be. For the trees after I sprinkled the embossing powder on I took a brush and brushed most of the powder off so that it would be a light layer. After I heat embossed I brushed glue over the embossed snow and sprinkled Martha Stewart coarse crystal glitter. I like the dimension the heat embossing and glitter gave to this print.

Have you used anything unusual in your crafting?

Next is to try transferring an image using hand sanitizer. and an image printed on photo paper. Also I saw where an image was transferred by printing on wax paper and then onto your media. For those who are wondering why all of this experimenting it is because I might want to have a print image on something which can not be printed in my printer and not necessarily want to decoupage it on the material. Besides it is too cold to walk far so I might as well play. Especially considering the alternative would be to clean.

Stay warm if you are where it is bitter cold right now. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!.


  1. Oh my what an interesting card. Love the shadowy trees and snow.
    I know, I know, not too many people care for snow but I love how it looks and not necessarily being out in it. Stay warm friend.

  2. Wowza, this is absolutely stunning. You really outdid yourself with this transfer. Love the winter scene. How special to use one of your own photos!

  3. My goodness, this is truly pretty! I'm just learning about all these different techniques and so glad I stopped by! I jumped in Jeri's Creative Life 2014 and saw your link up there. Lovely job!


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