Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Embossed Paste Cards

Can you believe that another month is almost over. I sure can't believe how fast the months are flying. Here in a couple of days we will be starting March and that means St. Patrick Day will be here. I wanted to do some thing a little different for some of my cards and saw a card using embossing paste. What is a woman to do if she doesn't have embossing paste? Although I liked using gesso it didn't give the texture I was after so I decided to try out a recipe for making my own. After finishing the cards in the morning the boys and I went for a long walk at our favorite place.
I made a shamrock mat and cut it out of cardstock. Then used it as a stencil. The embossing paste was really thick and some of it pulled off with the stencil. When the embossing paste was dry I used chalk to color my background. Cut my scallop out of  kraft cardstock for the focal image. I'm not sure where I got this image but probably from Fairy Graphic. I decided that I wanted just part of the image cut out so traced the image where I wanted it cut out and did some point editing. I edged the image with Vintage Photo distress ink.

I decided to thin the embossing paste with some water. I have a difficult time even with color mist getting a nice look using this Calico Studio Huey mask. I overworked the embossing paste not thinking it had covered so I think that is why I have the color shadows on some of the triangles. Although you can't tell  in the photo I cut the gentleman out and he is pop dotted on the card. I am pretty sure this is another from Fairy Graphic as I remember years ago downloading a lot of  vintage images from there.

If you wish to make your own embossing paste to play with here is the recipe:
2 T flour
1 T white glue or Mod Podge
1/2 tsp of acrylic paint
water if needed to thin to the consistency you want
reinker optional to color or you could use food coloring like I did

Mix everything together until smooth. Then apply with an old credit card,spatula, or whatever you have on hand. If you use plastic stencils, embossing plates or anything like that be sure to clean them immediately or at least soak them in some water. This mixture probably will not keep but it is only pennies.  I do want to try some other recipes like using paper pulp for texture.

Yesterday was a sunny day with blue sky. A little chilly but the perfect day for the boys and I to walk to our favorite place. I'm not sure how far we hiked in the snow as I let the boys lead the way and choose the paths. We ended up making a long loop with lots of scenery. Luckily my boys are patient and were willing to stop so I could take lots of pictures. Thank goodness for a digital camera as I took close to a hundred pictures.

At one time the ocean was my favorite place to go to but I'm too far away from it now. However, two blocks from my apartment is the park that has all kinds of trails. Many of the trails are paved. Do you have a favorite place you like to go to?

Off to walk the boys but not to the park today. I am lucky that there is a paved pedestrian trail outside my door. If I walked it in one direction it would take me to the big city fifteen miles away. I'm not ready for a walk that far. LOL! Especially since I would have to walk it back. Perhaps some day on my bike with the boys in the trailer if they get tired. Will have to gradually work up to that though as it has been a long time since I've ridden fifteen miles a day.

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. Look at you go girl!!! Wonderful pics.
    I MUST get going and make at least one St. Patrick's Day card for the Irishman in my family.

  2. What beautiful photos. It almost makes me want to like winter-LOL. Love your cards. And thanks for the recipe which I'll definitely try! I just finished my St. Paddy's cards and must get them into the mail. Hugs,


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