Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Swirled Acrylic Background Experiment

I had seen this technique used on a blog and so found a video how to do it. It does take awhile for the background to dry and I may try it later using something else for the color like acrylic ink. I did not like how the blue color of alcohol ink left specks, It ended up pretty much having one of the butterflies hidden.

I cut a piece from a sheet protector for my clear plastic. I stamped with Stazon ink using a butterfly rubber stamp I found while sorting through a box. To do this you will need to use a ink which you can stamp on a glossy surface without it smearing. After making sure the ink was dry I turned my plastic over. Then the fun began as I got messy with glue and alcohol inks. Of course I had to use my fingers.

When I was done swirling the colors of glue around  I put it in a safe place and went off to see a movie. Although the glue appeared dry when I got home I decided to be on the safe side to wait until today to put my card together.

Because the sheet protector is not as rigid as other plastic my next dilemma was how to attach my background to my card base. I decided to go with the same glue I had used for the background. I applied with my fingers swirling along the edges. Some of the color was picked up in the white glue. I then placed it under books to dry and flatten out as the card base wanted to curl. In person this is glossy looking but I ended up having to take this in low light so there would not be a glare.

I'm thinking this would be a fun background to make without the stamping. Since I have an almost empty bottle of white glue which I don't really want to pack (I'm too frugal to just throw it out) I just might have to do another one trying it with my acrylic ink.

Is this something you might try? How about something you might have your children try when they are bored with school out? I know I definitely will try this with my grandchildren.

Back to sorting,packing,and getting rid of things. It is amazing to me how much I've accumulated over the years.

Wishing you Frugal Happy Crafting till we meet again!


  1. Myoriah
    I would try this technique but I don't like getting my fingers sticky. Isn't that funny how some of us like messy and some of us don't?
    But one thing for sure, I do like your card. :)

  2. Another beautifully created background. It would cost a lot for such a nice paper and you created one with very little expense. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very pretty. I love the bright colours. How cool to use glue. It sounds like you have lots unpacked yet.


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