Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Starburst Iris Card

This is another technique of the week card. The instructions for making the starburst are from the April/May newsletter from Technique Junkies. This would be an excellent way to use up scraps.
The pattern cardstock I used is Learning Center from Dollar Tree. I grab a bunch of it whenever I find it as it is a bargain at 10 cents a piece. I also love how nicely it cuts with my cutting machine. I could have used more than the three patterns but decided to go with three.

 I bought at JoAnn's some purple cardstock and it does not cut nicely so I decided to use it for the background for my pattern pieces. I had cut black cardstock out but the colors don't t pop like they do with the dark purple.

Using a scrap of the green dot cardstock I cut out the frame shape. I love how the cardstock is solid on one side. I ended up cutting the shape in half. It worked better for my design that way. The Iris is a Dover sample which I turned into a print and cut. I glued the bottom stems down flat and put foam squares under the flowers to lift them up.

I took a large size scrap of metallic cardstock and cut out the panel to adhere my starburst panel on. I have been unable to find my metallic markers so the cardstock created a nice border. Like usual this card evolved while I worked on it. In fact I had originally planned to use another image. After I did a print and cut I decided it would be better on a different card.

After sitting for a few days Cameron my Cameo was happy to be put to work. Of course I could have cut out the pattern pieces using my paper trimmer but that wouldn't be any fun. Especially since my paper trimmer and I have a love/hate relationship. It is probably time to look and see if I can find a replacement blade for it.

If you have scrap paper consider using it this way. Thank you for stopping by and do come back. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. I couldn't see this on the TJ group. In fact, I'm having difficulty seeing most cards for some strange reason. I love your technique of the week. Your purple bg is awesome and so perfect with that metallic bg. Again, wonderful work my friend.

  2. Myoriah
    I saw the "challenge" that Beth sent your way :)and wondered how long it would take for you to respond. I am so happy to see, not long because this is a lovely card.

  3. Lovely card, Myoriah.
    Tine (Addie24)

  4. Awesome. In my signature colour scheme. Love what you did. So Myrna was waiting for my challenge to you, eh? Awesome.

  5. How pretty! I love all of the patterns and colors.


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