Monday, January 23, 2012

You Can Never Have Too Many Bookmarks

I think you can never have too many bookmarks. Besides that if you do you could always use them in a collage or something I guess. Anyway I was going to make bookmarks for a book club I'm in for Christmas but never got around to it. Well this week I'm hosting the book club and since we will meet again after Valentine Day I thought I would make some Valentine theme bookmarks to give out. I was in luck as Florabella Collections had a free Valentine download and in with the freebies was two bookmarks. I used the back side  bookmark file for the pink and the blue one as the front side one had the to and from on it.

O.K. I was having a terrible time taking pictures. I finally got some really good pictures only to discover that they were taken on the internal storage of my camera which I have not figured out how to retrieve pictures from. The bookmarks kept falling off the book stand just as I snapped the picture after I got the card in the camera. So these are not as artistic pictures as I took them just lying flat on a book.

I originally took one of the png files of the bookmarks into Studio and traced. That is when I discovered that the gingham edges were jagged. Not wanting to mess with the file in a graphic program I used the png files as a fill pattern. That way I also was able to get nice rounded corners which I find more pleasing. I decided to make these smaller than the original ones so I could get three to a page instead of two. They still are a nice size I think.

I was going to buy mini rickrack to put over the rickrack that was printed. It is an off white color and to me just doesn't look right. Then decided instead to make tiny heart banners.   After the heart banners were cut out I painted them with fingernail polish. I love the fingernail polish on the pink bookmark it is actually glittery.

While the fingernail polish was drying I used my clear star dust roll on glitter pen to out line the heart and the x's and o's inside the heart. Originally I was also going to do the letters but I changed my mind. After the fingernail polish dried I glued the banners on.

O.K you will notice one thing missing they have a hole in the top but no ribbon or cord. The reason being that out of all the ribbons and cords I have I don't have white or a color I like. Actually lol I just wanted an excuse to go craft shopping  before the end of the week but we won't tell anyone.

 The original file didn't have a hole in the bookmark but I like to add beads on a cord or ribbon so the bookmark will hang out of the book without the actual bookmark getting bent. Also then if a person wants to hang up a bookmark they can.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a Great crafting day and don't forget to pick up digital freebies when you find them. You never know when they might come in handy.


  1. Love these! These are great. Using nail polish is such a neat idea. Thank you for the inspiration.
    BTY.. I did the very same thing with my camera today - took a lot of pictures only to find I didn't have the card in it. And I don't know how to transfer from the camera itself (& don't know where the manual is).lol

  2. Hi Myoriah,

    These are lovely - such a blessing!

    Thanks so much for showing us!


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