Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Design Challenge Frame Valentine Cards

Over at the Silhouette Plus forum there is right now a design challenge going on. There is no prize but I thought I would dip my toes into the Design pool. I have not really done a lot  of designing with either the free version of Studio or the Designer Edition so I thought this was a great way to get started. The challenge is to use a letter in a design by replicating,rotating,welding,etc. This is what I came up with using a lower case s. I love this frame. I did have to weld a small rectangle at both the top and the bottom where the two letters did not totally touch. Otherwise there would have been a partial slit.

This was the frame cut out as it was designed with only that small modification I mentioned. The Victorian lady was more of a challenge as I had to take her into paint.net and modify the graphic so I could do a good trace on her.She is pop dotted on the card as is the panel that has the frame adhered to it. The hearts are left over foil confetti from last year.

For this card I took the frame and because I could not get it to just cut out the outside edge even after I picked cut edge only I traced it and then clicked trace edge only. I took my Brillance red gold ink and used a sea sponge applying it on the frame in a pouncing motion. When cutting the panel I cut it too short so put it on the diagonal which made it necessary to cut the edges on the side. The heart which is a Silhouette file was cut out of a scrap of the background paper. I love how I can use tiny scraps with my cutting machine. The backing is a scrap of ribbon which I glued on and then after the glue was dry carefully trimmed it. Where the rhinestone is was a tiny hole in the pattern. When using small gems like this I place a dab of glue where I want it and then the gem. Since these are I rock gems I then use the hot tool to affix the gem. The glue just helps to keep it in place while I'm using the tool.  The hearts in the corner are foam hearts which were left over from last year.

If you have Studio or Designer Edition  and haven't played with it for designing I challenge you to take a letter and play with it. It is a great way to learn the software.

Do come back I will be sharing a flower shaped card I designed when I get it made. I also have several other projects in the works. Also thank you for stopping by.


  1. Really nice Myoriah! This challenge is a lot of fun isn;t it?

  2. I love these and your total commitment to getting the most out of your creative drive! You do amazing things that I enjoy watching!

  3. myoria, this is a cute card also. You are so very talented and just make that machine sing.

    I posted a message on the last card scrap ribbon that you made. Can you help me I am stuck and can't figure out the next step.

  4. What a cool result! I LOVE what you did here.


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