Friday, December 16, 2011

Dimensional Magic Silhouette Brooch

This is going to be a gift for a friend's mother. I wanted to make her something special because she is a special lady. This is just cut out from card stock using my Cameo.

The cutting file was designed by Doodlingdebbie.  She is the administrator of the Silhouette Plus Forum and has the blog Paper Pulse. You will find both the forum and her blog listed on the right hand side.

For some reason two of the ends of the outer flourishes kept being cut off so I went and  cut them all off.  I traced around the image  in order to get the backing piece. For some reason it did not end up being the exact size of the silhouette but I like the way it turned out. I did not look close at the file while gluing so the girl and boy are higher in the air and I had to do some changes of the layout. Still I think I like how it turned out.

I glued down the shapes with Elmers glue.It was a little tricky gluing the frame. Then brushed Elmers over everything. After it was totally dry I adhered rhinestones to the stars using my heat tool . I love using it and I know that the rocks or rhinestones will not be falling off of projects.

This is my first coat of the Dimensional Magic. As you can see it is milky looking. You can see in the picture there are a few places where the Dimensional Magic is not even. The piece was not completely flat  so the product ran a little bit. (Note to self next time  place wooden blocks if need be under to make it level as well as to keep it from sticking to surface. Luckily I was able to carefully with a knife get it unstuck and on a block of wood to finish drying.) I did after taking the picture get rid of the small bubbles that I had not noticed. After it dried for 24 hours I added a second coat.  But this time a lighter coat.That is what I did on the key chain and it really made for a nice finish as it filled in places where I did not get an even coat.

This is what the finished brooch looks like. Sorry the picture does not do it justice. It is really awesome looking even though in one place the black from the card stock bled a little. I must not have gotten it covered with glue in that place. I just need to glue the pin back on and it will be done.

So here is a gift that cost me less than a dollar to make. Here again the drying time took longer than the actual making of it. I can't wait to try some other ideas using different papers and patterns.

Although I covered over the gems you could have the Dimensional Magic just go around them. You could add beads,charms and other embellishments to your project. Use your imagination and be creative. If you are using some sort of  a  card stock frame you could heat emboss the frame or use perhaps a metallic marker.

Have you used Dimensional Magic? If so what did you use it for?

Happy Crafting!

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  1. What a great idea. Wonderfully done. I haven't heard of hte dimensional magic. I'll have to check it out.


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