Sunday, June 15, 2014

Twins Quick Cards

Hi readers Roni had on her blog back in 2007 some quick Christmas cards and I decide to try one of the ideas. Although instead of using scissors I used my Cameo. Also I decided to go more decorative.

Lol! I spent more time playing around to see if I could stamp with a combination of Inka Gold and a Gelato than I did cutting my twin panels and cutting out the stamped image with a die.

I started by cutting out my two rounded corner card bases. For some reason the first card base cut a little rough leaving some ragged edges so I decided to distress the edges with the edge of my scissors for both of them.

Then in the Designer Edition of Studio I drew a rectangle the size I wanted it to be. I then took the knife tool and the wave pattern to cut the rectangle into two sections. I decided to cut the wave pattern off center so one panel would be wider than the other.

I decided to go ahead and use some monotypes I had made on copy paper. The blue print was made using metallic paint and the butterfly stamp. I made that one last year on my homemade gelli plate. The green one was actually a piece of copy paper I had placed down on my round gelli plate to clean it. When I cut it I got the rounded edge in one corner but I like it.

Several people have asked me about the butterfly stamp because it seems to find its way onto a lot of cards. I must confess it is my favorite stamp. As well as the first non Christmas stamps that I bought. The stamp is by "Funny Business Stamp Company". They were a stamp company based in Seattle Washington but I could not find out if they are still in business or not. The copyright on the stamp is 1981 so I guess it could be considered a vintage stamp by now.

I decided to see if I could stamp with a combination of Inka Gold and a gelato. I knew that I could mix Inka Gold with water on a craft mat and then stamp but decided to see if I could apply Inka Gold directly to a stamp and spritz once with water and then stamp. Then I decided to see if I could color over the Inka Gold with the gelato and then spritz and stamp. I wasn't worried about contaminating the gelato because I knew it would wipe clean. My results varied depending on how heavy both the Inka Gold and gelato were applied as well as how wet. On the second butterfly I rubbed my finger over the stamp after I had spritzed it so it gave the stamp more of a water color look.

I cut out the stamped images with a Spellbinder die. Glued everything down and there you have it two quick cards. You might want to keep this idea in mind if you need to make a lot of invitations or holiday cards.Using two different pattern papers you could quickly make cards.

Thank you for stopping by. I don't know when next I'll post as I have some new goodies coming in the mail so I'll be busy playing with those. As well as I just might go and have a Play Date for a few days with my sister. I have all kinds of techniques to teach her and products to introduce her to.
Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely.
    Of course the butterfly gets my vote every time.

  2. I like this butterfly too. The Technique Junkie Newsletter now has a stamp that looks similar and I used it for a tutorial I shot today. Your card is so pretty. Love the blue and green combination.


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