Friday, June 6, 2014

Reconnecting With Nature... Mother Nature Artist

Hi my dear readers. Almost every day I go out with camera in hand and take photos of what is around me. Because of that I see things I might have missed and even traveling the same paths over and over there are new things to see. Perhaps it is the play of light and shadow or maybe the way the colors appear different depending on the lighting. Yesterday I went out with the boys (my two dogs). Usually they are patient as I snap photos but for some reason they wanted to keep moving and even tried pulling me up some rocks in search of some prey. Still I managed to snap a few photos.
I thought I had seen all the different wildflowers in the area but the gorgeous colors of these captured my eye. They look like bluebells to me. Unfortunately I did not have my book of wildflowers with me.

I wanted to get a better picture of the Queen Ann's lace but one dog was pulling me one way and the other the other way.  I have to laugh when I see them blooming as when I was a young girl I planted Queen Ann's Lace in my small garden plot only to come home and learn that my Mom had weeded them thinking they were weeds. To be honest I think she was afraid they might contaminate her immaculate gardens. Sometimes I wonder why we don't garden like Mother Nature the artist. There is such beauty in the way she combines plants,grasses,and even rocks.

Finally my boys allowed me to rest for awhile on a bench in the shade. The play of the shadows intrigued me as did the fallen log laying like someone had laid it on purpose on top of the rock. Proof again that Mother Nature is an artist and that beauty is all around us if only we look for it.

I am linking this with Reconnecting With Nature. Do check out some of the other photos if you get the chance.Reconnecting With Nature

Blessing till we meet again!


  1. How true! Mother Nature is an artist!

  2. As they say, God don't make no junk.
    Gorgeous pictures. I would love to use the log one in a card. What do you think?

  3. Heisann!
    I came to your blog a via Reconnect with nature.
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    Greetings from bjorgnin


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