Sunday, June 8, 2014

Garden Background Stamp Card

Hi readers I have been busy cleaning off my work space as well as the rest of my craft room. It is a daunting task. It is also fun as I find things I've forgotten that I bought or even gifts from friends.

I had placed this stamp a friend gave me the first of the year on my work space planning to use it but alas it got buried under a mountain of scrap paper. Of course there was also a good size of plastic which I had cut from the page protector in that stack. I love how this turned out. I did use glue instead of floor wax but the glue has some drawbacks which I'll talk about later on in this post.
I started by stamping with my Garden Background stamp by Stampendous using Stazon Royal Purple Ink. When stamping on plastic you need an ink like Stazon. I have not tried my Ranger Archival ink yet on plastic but that might work. I also have not tried to heat emboss on this plastic. I have heat embossed on transparencies but they are expensive.

I waited a few minutes to make sure the ink was dry. It can take up to five minutes stamping on this plastic where inkjet transparencies is almost instant. Then turned the plastic over and this time I brushed white glue on the plastic. Then I placed a single ply sheet of facial tissue in the glue. Although the glue works I noticed there was more of a tendency for the facial tissue to tear when trying to gently push it down with a foam brush onto the plastic.

You will want to make sure the glue is dry before scribbling with gelatos or you will tear the tissue. You do not need to scribble all the way to the edge of your stamped image because when you mist the mist is going to spread the color.

I wanted to do a closeup to show you the texture you get from using the facial tissue. That white spot on the flower is a reflection from the window. :-(  No matter where I seemed to put this card to take a photo I was getting a reflection when trying for a closeup. I probably could have gotten a better picture if I had more patience which is not my strength.

You will notice that in places the colors bled outside the stamped lines for me it was no big deal. Lol! But then even as a child I never colored within the lines. I wanted to blend colors more on the flower however I discovered that because I used glue instead of floor wax that I had to be really careful blending the colors. If you don't have gelatos I'm pretty sure that watercolor markers would work. That is an experiment for another day.

Since I had decided to cut out a scallop card base I decided to cut down my stamped image using my scallop scissors. I had bought the scissors years ago before I even had a cutting machine and usually they just take up space in a drawer.

Originally I had cut my card base out of Kraft cardstock. However, I did not like the way it looked. Oh well it will be used for another project. Then while filing my scrap paper there was this piece of blue 12x12 which I had previously cut a card base out of. There was just enough of the card stock to cut out my base. Remember if you do this technique that whatever color you place your stamped image on is going to show through as this image is semi-transparent.

When gluing this down there is no redo like there may be in some other projects. Also you are going to have to take into account that like adhering vellum what you use may show. I used a dot tape runner. However, I found that adhering the tissue with glue there was once again a tendency to try to tear which I did not have when I used the floor wax.

My conclusion is that you can use glue for this technique but it is not as satisfactory as using an acrylic floor wax. I do have some vintage mod podge which appears to still be good. Lol! And it is "Vintage" as I bought it ten years ago for a project. I am going to be trying that for this technique and getting back to you.

If you decide to try this technique you may decide to use the facial tissue side instead of the plastic side. I have to admit I was torn about which side to use when I made this card.

In the meantime I have some prints I made using my new round "Gelli Plate" I want to use on cards. Yes, I know I'm all about frugal crafting but it  is Roni's fault over at Ink Stains. Last month she had several posts on prints using a gelli plate. When my "material girl" saw those posts she had to go and order one from Amazon. ;-)

I'm off to doing more play and more cleaning. Who knows what treasures I may uncover. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. Very pretty. I think the texture of the tissue makes for a very pretty card. Love your colors.

  2. Very pretty, and as you say, who cares that the colouring bleeds outside the lines; it adds a unique look. Glad the glue turned out for you.


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