Saturday, March 22, 2014

Vintage Label Card With Used Tea Bag

Today was a beautiful day with a little warmer weather. It actually felt like a Spring day. I decided to finish this card  to allow the weather to get warmer before walking my dogs.

I'm working on a Spring card but while I had my watercolor paints out to paint on a used dryer  sheet I decided to also paint on some used tea bags. Originally I was going to use the vintage label on one of the tea bags but realized that so much of the detail would be lost making it smaller.
The card base is a blank card. Alas it is the last one in the assorted pack of card bases which I accidentally bought thinking it was  cardstock cut A 2 size of this color. The doily was one in my stash and for some reason I don't use them much. The tea bag held Kirkland green tea. The only thing I noticed is that where the string was glued on the bag it pretty much resisted the paint. Also the paint puddled on the bag. In fact the paint created what looked like a scallop on the bag. I decided to go and use that to decide how to place the bag on the card. It worked out that the bag extends over the base. I think I like that. The image is from Dover clipart. I fell in love with this image when I first downloaded it as a sample. Never though knew how I was going to use it. I did ink the edges with gold edge of the print and cut image to give it more of a finished look. It took longer for the paint to dry on the tea bag than to make the card.

Right now I'm undecided about whether  to stamp on the dryer sheet panel or not. I'm so afraid of messing the panel up and I love so far how it turned out with the metallic watercolor paints. Of course there are those who say that there is no such thing as a messed up stamped image.

I tried yesterday a crackle paint technique but it did not work out. I ended up using some Tim Holtz Crackling glaze which was all globby. I think it was a bad container in the sampler as the others appear to more fluid. Anyway my white pearl paint ended up looking more silver so I don't know yet how I'll use this panel.  I'm now this evening trying using PVC glue under acrylic paint but so far it looks like that won't crackle the paint either. Will have to wait and see.

That is all for now. Hope you are having Spring weather where you live. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. Gorgeous!!! What a great print.
    Myoriah, thy name is adventure.

  2. What a stunning piece. I think it's one of my favourite pieces. The gold just pops.

  3. A really pretty image!! I use twink watercolors to paint and appreciate yours all the more. Love what you did with the tea bag too. A really pretty card!


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