Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cell Phone Photos And Play

Cell Phones have not only come a long ways from when they first came out but the cameras on them have really improved over the years. I ended up getting a new cell phone as my old one would not function half the time. Also it would no longer read from my SD card my photos or music. I thought the card was damaged but that does not appear to be the case.  Just to be on the safe side I did make a backup of the photos and music on it. Anyway I just received my cell phone Monday and discovered it came with Paper Artist. I decided to see what Paper Artist is and discovered that I can modify my photos with the program. I decided to take a picture that I took last Spring and see what I could do with it. This was the result.
I can not believe how this looks like a piece of crewel needlework.  I'm thinking of printing it on canvas to use on the front of a card.

Today was a balmy Spring like day so my two dogs and I headed to the park. I decided instead of carrying my camera to see what quality of pictures I could take with my cell phone. I discovered there are all kinds of effects to play with on another day. Here are two pictures I took. One of them using the zoom function. The only thing I have to watch is that I don't get my fingers in the way of the lens. I love the reflection in both of these photos.

I have to admit that the quality is just as good using my camera phone as I get using my regular camera. Although my regular camera takes better pictures in low light conditions. Since I almost always have my cell phone with me I will probably take more pictures with it and now I won't be upset because I left my regular camera at home and there is something that inspires me.

My frugal tip is to see what photos you may be able to modify and use in your projects. Also check to see what free software may be on your cell phone if you use one or what software you may be able to download to play with.

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  1. Your photos are beautiful. Your phone is excellent quality.


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