Monday, March 10, 2014

Pull Tab Birthday Card

Hi my dear readers. I had company last week so the only crafting I got done was stenciling shamrocks on envelopes and coloring them in. I did get my St. Patrick cards mailed out. I like getting cards like that out so that the recipient receives them early and can use them for decoration if they wish.

A couple of days after St. Patrick my brother-in-law has a birthday. A few years ago he was telling me that the only card he ever gets in the mail is from his insurance agent so I now try to send him a card. I hope this card will bring a smile to his face. It took me a little bit of figuring out how to do it and my first attempt did not work. Also Cameron my Cameo was misbehaving. Probably because he had not been put to work for a little over a week. I am pleased the way this card turned out. :-)

The background map is an image I downloaded several years ago to put together a scrapbook about my dad. I thought it would be perfect for this card.  Cameron cut one map out plain and one with the window in it to hold the pull tab. I tried to have the pull tab be the map but could not match it up so went with a solid scrap which I had printed the map on and colored with ink for sky.

I glued both map pieces together leaving an unglued area for the tab to go through and pull freely back and forth. I took a tag shape and added my text which I turned into print. I do not like to paper piece. I did paper piece the reinforced circle that the braided crochet thread goes through. I pop dotted the plane on the pull tab so that when the tab is pulled the plane stops at the edge of the window. Since the other end is glued the plane stops back at the other end when the tab is pushed back in

I put in search for free airplane clipart and came up with this cute airplane image. After Cameron finally cut him out right I brushed Extreme Glitter paint on his tongue. The photo doesn't really show it and glitter paint on the wings and tail fin.  I applied Dimensional Magic for the windshield. For some reason it wrinkled a little must have been a draft but I think it gives the plane character. There you have it my masculine birthday card for someone who has a love affair with planes although as far as I know he has never flown a plane.

I have lots of ideas for Spring and Easter cards. Just not sure which I will do first. I also need to find out why Cameron was refusing to cut print and cut right. Although when I turned the mat around he cut only a little off on the plane which I hand trimmed. I"m thinking the blade was getting caught in a groove in the mat which was throwing the blade off so that it was cutting off the letter size print. Thankfully it did not cut through the mat but if it did it would be packing tape to the rescue.

Are you getting ready for Spring? The rain and warmer temperatures finally melted the snow and now at least for this week there will be Spring like temperatures. By midweek the sun is suppose to come out so hopefully the boys and I can walk to our favorite park and do more exploring.

Have a Blessed week! Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. Wow, you really did a bang up job on this card. Love the airplane and I think the windshield looks realistic with the little wrinkle. He will love it.

  2. Good gracious girlfriend, you find the cutest things on line. Love this cute little airplane. Love this card and I know it will be loved by the recipient too.


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