Saturday, March 15, 2014

Stencil Thanks Card

Hi everyone! I love the fact that often in the craft world you can do a do over. Maybe something didn't turn out the way you had planned. No worries just do a do over.

This card is created with a do over. Originally I was playing on card stock with using gesso and extreme glitter paint mixed in with a stencil. My stencil design ended up being all globby looking. I played on other card stock using a sponge and it worked a lot better. Later on I'll be using those panels on some cards. If you have been following me for any time at all you know that I don't like to waste things. So I took my first piece of card stock and covered it with the leftover gesso mix on my craft mat. When the gesso was dry I used the stencil and ink. Alas my camera does not do this card justice. The stenciled panel is absolutely beautiful with the drops clear like raindrops.
 I decided to go with a gray blank card since I'll be sending this to a man. I think I will do a do over on the "Thanks". I thought I wanted it a little curved but now I think it will look better if all the letters are straight.
I do a lot of experimenting on scrap card stock and this panel was no exception. After the gesso mixture was dry I put my butterfly stencil on top and using a sponge dabbed on pigment ink. I thought the background was too blah looking so went and rubbed some chalk over it.  Today I discovered that the pigment ink did not dry even though I did the stenciling a couple of days ago when some of ink transferred onto my fingers. Oops! That would not do for someone to get a smudged card. Since I didn't want to toss this panel I decided to use clear Ultra Thick Enamel. I would have used clear embossing powder but do not have any. Oh the shame. I decided to use only one coat and got this interesting texture. Now you can rub your fingers over the butterflies and not get ink on your fingers.

Do you ever do overs or do you just toss things in the garbage?

I'm doing some play with some interesting items and I have some interesting ideas in my brain right now waiting to be translated into a project. Thank you for stopping by and do come back to see what I'm doing.
 Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. You are a very adventuresome gal !!!!
    What an interesting card.

  2. I'm all for do overs. I just can't seem to throw away anything.

  3. great card the blue really pops on your texture background

  4. I think do-overs are great! Some of my favorite cards have happened that way. :)


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